• Architecture is Art Festival 2015 X Archi Y Tecture

    18 May 2015


    Architecture Is Art Festival is an arts festival with architecture as its theme. It is an biannual event held since 2009, and it helps participants get to know architecture, understand architecture, and learn architecture through the perspectives of both our daily life and arts. The theme of this year is “X Archi Y Tecture”. X is a variable, and architecture could be known through and interpreted by any means and element.

    Mathias Woo, the Artistic Director of the Architecture is Art Festival 2015 says, “X could represent a lot of things. We can talk about architecture from a historical perspective, or from a philosophical perspective, or from a daily life angle…Through the perspective of performing arts, we have more space to manifest the concept of architecture.”

    “It (Architecture Is Art Festival) is a unique undertaking – possibly the first of its kind in the world.”

                           – The Wall Street Journal Asia

    “ This Festival safeguards architecture, and also safeguards the cultural value of architectural arts that is going to be drowned soon.”

                         – Hong Kong Economic Times

    “ Architecture is a creative blend of form and function.”

                         – John Tsang, Financial Secretary

    “Architecture is an imaginative and abstract art, but there must be structure and a solid foundation.”

                         – Yip Wing Sie, Music Director, Hong Kong Sinfonietta

    “ Architecture is part of man’s inherent instinctual nature to create shelter through the manipulation of space.” Daniel Wu Actor

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    The 9 Theatre Works of Architecture Is Art Festival 2015

    “Invisible Cities” – Danny Yung Experimental Theatre

    Danny Yung x Young men of the Post 90”s. Seeing the stage and future in the unforeseeable future; Seeing the theatre and oneself in the invisible self.

    Nov 6-7, Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre


    “The Book of Changes” –  National Arts Education Theatre

    A multi-media interpretation of Chinese time and space

    Mathias Woo x Yu Yat-yiu@PMPS x anothermountainman x Yuri Ng

    Dec 11-12, Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre


    “1587, A Year of No Significance” – History Theatre

    A Cantonese Version in the Grand Theatre, Excerpt of Kunqu opera on Emperor Wanli newly arranged. Rerun for the eighth time, gaining widespread critical acclaim previously from across the strait.

    17-20 Sept, Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre


    “One Hundred Years of Chinese Architecture” – History Theatre: Modern Chinese General Education

    The history of Chinese architecture as told through the stories of two couples almost a century apart. Preservation and profit, romance and reality, holding a mirror to one hundred years of Chinese architecture.

    4-6 Dec, Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre


    “Flee by Night” – Danny Yung Experimental Theatre, touring Europe and Asia

    Opening programme of Hannover Arts Festival 2015, Germany. Experimenting on traditional and contemporary, the most refine of classic Kunqu opera

    9-11Oct, Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre


    “The World According to Dance” – Dance/Theatre

    Dick Wong x four generations of dancers from Hong Kong, four types of bodyscape; we look at our being through our bodies, ad look at the city and the world through dance.

    16-18 Oct, Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre


    “East Wing West Wing 12: Let It Be One Country Two Systems” –  Social Theatre

    Singing Let It Be like the Beatles…One Country Two Systems Let It Be, or the political reform of Hong Kong Frozen, Let It Go?

    13-29 Nov, Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre


    “The Magic Flute Playground” – Children Anime Musical with Original Music by Mozart

    Karena Lam, Eman Lam, Pong Nan, C AllStar singing to the music of Mozart’s The Magic Flute, with cartoon character Woody Wood in a sing along adventure

    31 July- 2 Aug, Multimedia Theatre, HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity


    Ping Pong” – Recommended Work of the Children Welfare Cultural Awards 2012 of Japan. World Tour – Hong Kong Stop

    A girl finds herself in a fantasy world and meets Ping and Pong. Body performance with live music. Come and join them, grown ups and children, in this colourful journey.

    7-9 Aug, Multimedia Theatre, HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity


    Natural and Organic: Red Dunes Playtopia Video credit: CHENIN Studio

    World Architecture Festival 2022 took place in Lisbon, the 2023 edition will be held from 29 Nov - 1 Dec at Singapore.


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