• Imminent Domain: Designing the Life of Tomorrow

    26 February 2013

    From 31 January to 31 March, 2013, Asia Society Hong Kong Center hosts Imminent Domain: Designing the Life of Tomorrow. Teddy

    The exhibition aims to leverage the potential of Hong Kong design through presenting the work of leading local designers across different fields and showcases 12 renowned and award-winning local designers, whose various industry backgrounds including lighting, architecture and interiors, product, fashion and automobile.

    WendyTalented designers are pushing the boundaries of our imaginations beyond the traditional means and creating technological innovations that are driving lifestyle changes and affecting our aesthetic perceptions.

    Contemporary designers must set their unique sights squarely on the future. In doing so, they must evaluate not only how we will live, but also how we should live from every possible angle.

    Fumio Nanjo, Director of Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, is the Chief Curator of this exhibition. Nanjo san is a renowned veteran curator with over 20 years of arts experience and has worked in various high profile roles at numerous biennales worldwide.


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