• RICS recommends five land matters experts for advancing HK land premium arbitration

    5 June 2015

    (Hong Kong, 3 June 2015)     RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) recommends five experts in Hong Kong land matters to the Government as arbitrators for the Pilot Schemefor Arbitration on Land Premium (“the Pilot Scheme”). All of them are seasoned field experts and are under stringent regulation by RICS’ valuer registration.


    Last year the government introduced the Pilot Scheme to facilitate land premium settlement between land owners and the Government in order to expedite land supply.  Qualified arbitrators require at least 10 years of experience in land matters and professional valuation, and be a Registered Professional Surveyor.

    The five RICS recommended experts in land matters for arbitration are chartered surveyors who have 24 years or more of experience in land matters, and have been registered as RICS Registered Valuers. The RICS Valuer Registration is a mandatory regulatory measure to chartered surveyors who practise valuation using RICS’ global valuation standards. It ensures RICS members will provide independent and impartial professional advice thereby providing confidence to the government, the industry, and the arbitration process as a whole.

    RICS recommends the following experts on land matters (In alphabetical order by surname):

    Mr Alnwick Chan FRICS

    Alnwick is a Fellow of RICS, a RICS Registered Valuer, and a RICS Hong Kong Registered Expert on Land Matters. Over the past 30 years, he has been involved primarily in land administration and development consultancy. In addition to his extensive experience in land exchanges, lease modifications and premium assessments, Alnwick often appears in the Lands Tribunal and High Court to provide an expert’s opinion on values and compensation.

    Mr Alan Child FRICS

    Alan is a Member of the RICS Governing Council, RICS Asia World Regional Board, a Fellow of RICS, and a RICS Registered Valuer. He has over 35 years’ of professional experience in Hong Kong, both in government and the private sectors providing valuation service for all types of property. He has also acted as Land Advisor to KCRC for the development of their rail development project and on numerous Government planning and development studies.

    Mr David Faulkner FRICS 

    David is a Fellow of RICS, a RICS Registered Valuer, a RICS Hong Kong Registered Expert on Land Matters, and a Past Chairman of RICS Hong Kong. David Faulkner has over 30 years of experience in Hong Kong real estate field. He covers all the major sectors including residential, commercial, retail, industrial, hospitality and leisure, and has advised on matters including valuations, feasibility studies and development consultancy.

    Mr Chun Kong Lau FRICS 

    CK is a Professional Member of RICS, a RICS Registered Valuer, and a RICS Hong Kong Registered Expert on Land Matters, and is a Member of the RICS Asia Valuation Professional Group Board. He has over 28 years of experience in valuation, real estate consultancy, and the investment sales market, with an emphasis on portfolio valuations, real estate investment and development, and has provided litigation valuation advice as an expert witness for the High Court and Lands Tribunal.

    Mr Lucas Lau FRICS 

    Lucas is a Fellow of RICS, a RICS Registered Valuer, and a RICS Hong Kong Registered Expert on Land Matters. He has professional experience in real estate field over 24 years, and extensive experience in the assets valuation for initial public offering, sale and purchase of lands, and sites and projects appraisals. He has been involved in lease modification, land premium assessment and change of land use application, and infrastructure resumption compensation developments such as the West Rail.


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