• Big designs museum for Audemars Piguet

    18 July 2014

    Swiss luxury watchmaker Audemars Piguet has choosen BIG to expand its historic headquarters.


    The 2.400m2 pavilion will be a striking landmark to precision seamlessly integrated into the local landscape – reuniting the buildings with the undulating fields of the valley. BIG created an intertwined spiral shaped pavili

    on which is conceived as a storyline for the visitors; blending old and new and guiding the visitor through a linear sequence of spaces and events, from the entrance through lounges, galleries and workshops, apm-image-by-big-02_originalto the attic of the heritage building in the workshop where it all began. BIG Founding Partner, Bjarke Ingels, said: “Watchmaking, like architecture is the art and science of invigorating inanimate matter with intelligence and performance. It is the art of imbuing metals and minerals with energy, movement, intelligence and measure; to bring it to life in the form of telling time. Unlike most machines and most buildings today that have a disconnect between the body and the mind, the hardware and the software, for the Maison des Fondateurs we have attempted to completely integrate the geometry and the performance, the form and the function, the space and the structure, the interior and the exterior in a symbiotic hole.”


    Build4Asia Awards 2020 (Build4Asia X PRC Magazine)

    Billed as Hong Kong’s equivalent of the New York High Line, Wan Chai Connect is a vision for the future, weaving old Wan Chai and the harbour, back together.


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