• Book launch (Hong Kong and Singapore)

    8 April 2012

    Shanghai World Expo is celebrated in the newly published book – The Unbeatable – Contemporary Masterpieces, a 480 page coffee-table style testimonial of the architectural, cultural, economic and political legacy left by the Shanghai World Expo.

    The authors have been there and witnessed the Expo Park’s transformation as it slowly changed from a bustling construction site into an unparalleled ‘theme park’ that became a melting pot of international significance and home to many international architects, pavilion operators and staff who contributed their skills and cultures to enrich the tapestry of a magnificent event.

    It was the authors’ goal to publish this book in order to preserve fading information about the Expo and its contemporary masterpieces. The Unbeatable examines the motives behind the pavilion’s country themes, discusses sustainability and highlights reputable awards.

    Acclaimed architects share their unique design ideas, showcasing initial design sketches, drawings, models and formerly unpublished material. Personal perspectives and the foresight in creating a ‘life after Expo’ for their buildings are revealed in the book.

    The Hong Kong and Singapore launches will be held in May and all architects are welcome. Contact Ms. Katarina Stuebe for more information at [email protected].


    M+, The first global museum of contemporary visual culture in Asia, set to open at the end of 2021 in Hong Kong.

    This conference will explore the challenges surveyors have faced over the last year, sharing experiences and knowledge gained through the pandemic.


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