• Chinachem Group holds 3rd Biennial Sustainable Development Conference

    15 October 2014

    (Hong Kong – 10 October 2014) Chinachem Group held its 3rd Biennial Sustainable Development Conference (“the Conference”) on 10 October 2014 (Friday) at the L’hotel Nina et Convention Centre, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong.The theme of the Conference was “The Future of Sustainability: From Planning to Implementation”.


    Local and overseas experts from academia, medicine, policy research, architecture, engineering, urban planning, retail, and more attended to present their work and discuss solutions to some of Hong Kong’s key environmental issues. The Conference was attended bynearly 600.

    Mr Wong Kam-sing, JP, Secretary for the Environment, HKSAR Government, was the Guest of Honour for the event and opened the conference with insight into the future of sustainability from the Government’s perspective. The Conference programme drew on talent and knowledge from all over the industry to facilitate the sharing of practical solutions and technical know-how. Speakers began by drawing attention to issues being faced in Hong Kong, then followed that by sharing plans for the future and exploring the ways sustainability goals could be successfully realized.

    In his speech, Mr Wong Kam-sing, JP, Secretary for the 6Environment, HKSAR Government, said: “The Government has been focusing heavily on the sustainable development of Hong Kong, and has already revealed blueprints for ‘A Clean Air Plan for Hong Kong’. Measures will include controlling the use of gasoline in commercial vehicles. By working together with the Government of Guangdong province, there will also be efforts to tackle the issues of factory district pollution. Ultimately, the goal is to enhance the region’s air quality as a whole, and create a better and more sustainableliving environment for the people.”

    Dr Y S Kung, Chair, Chinachem Group Executive Committee also spoke briefly at the beginning of the conference. He said: “Sustainable development is very important for the future of a city. The Government can play an important role in sustainable development through advocacy and promotion. Corporate and individuals alike have a shared responsibility to engage in sustainable practices. Chinachem Group places significant importance in energy saving, and have taken action to implement relevant measures into its commercial activities. On average, Chinachem Group’s electricity usage is 25% lower than other office properties in Hong Kong.”

    “Chinachem takes pride in our corporate mission to ensure 1sustainable development of Hong Kong in all aspects. We never cease to bring in expertise knowledge as well as to unify professionals so as to form a united front to work on sustainable develop and on reinforcing a green culture.”

    The Conference highlighted Chinachem Group’s commitment to sustainability principles and corporate social responsibility. This year’s Conference coincides in timing with Chinachem Group’s recent announcement in late August, where it was revealed that three of Chinachem Group’s prime commercial properties – Asian House, as well as Chinachem Central I & II, would undergo green redevelopment with a total investment budget of over HK$ 2.8 billion. Redevelopment of Asian House was expected to be completed by the end of 2017, and both Chinachem Central I & II was expected to be completed by the end of 2016.


    Natural and Organic: Red Dunes Playtopia Video credit: CHENIN Studio

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