• Exhibition celebrates history of railway technology

    4 July 2013

    Designd by Atelier Brückner, a new exhibition opened in May at the German Steam Locomotive Museum in Neuenmarkt, Upper Franconia, Germany.

    Photographer Michael JungblutA clear, straightforward design accentuates and structures a range of exhibits saturated with the history of railway technology. Technical processes and the historical background are also illustrated at the same time.

    5 Michael Jungblut“The exhibition in Neuenmarkt stands out due to its vastness – something we had to place within a suitable intelligible framework; it is also exceptional due to the uniqueness of its incredibly rich collection of steam locomotives,” stated Prof. Eberhard Schlag, Partner, Atelier Brückner.

    The heart of the museum, the historical roundhouse, is part of a round tour stretching over an area of almost 100,000m2.

    The roundhouse itself offers three ways of gaining access to the fascinating world of steam locomotives. A first timeline explains the history of the steam locomotive and places it in the context of the development of railways in Germany.

    A technical round tour illustrates what is concealed beneath the steel skin of the fascinating titans. For example, a one-to-one projection onto a steam locomotive impressively shows how its interior components and processes interact with each other. The steam locomotive as a technical masterpiece becomes tangible and comprehensible.



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