• Gundam Docks at Times Square, Hong Kong

    2 August 2013

    (1Aug, 2013), This summer, Let the battle between Zeon and Earth Federation Space Force (E.F.S.F) begin as

    TS_Green Zaku (2)

    TS_Gundam battle (2)Times Square activates into the world’s largest Gundam headquarter other than Japan! Times Square presents: Gundam Docks at Hong Kongexhibition, featuring the stunning full-gear (with shield and rifle) RX-78-2 Gundam versus the largest “The Red Comet”, Char’s Zaku II, in ratio of 1:3, the largest Gundam ever showcased outside Japan. The stunning RX-78-2 Gundam versus Char’s Zaku II, in ratio of 1:3 will be present at Times Square.

    Exhibition Highlights:

    l   Spectacular Gundam experience to worldwide audience from the battle between Amuro’s RX78 from the Earth Federation Space Force (E.F.S.F) and arch rival Char’s Zaku II from the Zeon troop with the ultimate animated scene becoming a reality in Hong Kong.

    Made with steel and fabric glass, 6m tall and 2 tons weight, would be able to withstand wind and rain. In particular, RX78 and Zaku II are with eliminated eyes and Zaku II’s ones would move left and right.

    TS_Zakul   At Covered Piazza there is a giant model instruction manual sheet and twenty human size 1.8m tall Zaku coming from the classic Bandai model box, geared into battle mode and ready for action.

    l   Spectacular daily light show sync with the specially arrangement of the Gundam animation that will be broadcasted at Times Square’s giant TV screen, a special gift for every Gundam fan in HK! (Period: 25 Jul – 1 Sep; Time: 6pm – 10pm, one session per half hour, each session 4.5 minutes; Venue: Open Piazza)

    l   Over 100 pieces gundam model displays.The 2/F atrium will also display informative Gundam showcases, including animation, Gundam figurines, and much more.

    l   Char, Amuro and members from Gundam Zeon and E.F.S.F troops will come to meet and greet fans during the exhibition Inviting for a close encounter for everyone

    l   A 10-meter long version of Mobile Suit Gundam’s White Base—a spaceship deployed by the E.F.S.F. to carry and support mobile suits—will be displayed in mid-air in the 2/F atrium from 2 Aug 2013, the first time the White Base has ever been presented in this scale.

    l   You may find the HARO graphic printed on the universe battle scene of RX78 and Zaku II at Times Square Open Piazza. Follow Times Square on Instragram (Instragram ID: hktimessquare) and take a picture of HARO graphic, present it at Times Square 2/F Concierge during 2 Aug – 14 Aug (12nn -10pm) for a chance to receive a special gift. (One per person per day, limited daily quota, first come first serve, while stock lasts).

    Date: 26 Jul to 1 Sep(10am-10pm); Venue: Times Square Open Piazza, Covered Piazza & 2/F Atrium; Hotline: 2118 8900


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