• HEAD Architecture win Gold in The Ring Awards 2010

    19 March 2010

    The Manchester United Experience retail outlet designed by Hong Kong practice Head Architecture, in conjunction with Met Studio Design Ltd of the UK, has triumphed in the Exhibition category of this year’s The Ring Awards which celebrate the best of international interior design.

    Head Architecture and Design Ltd., was engaged in relation to the design process for The Manchester United Experience at The Venetian Macau that transports fans as close to Old Trafford and The Club without actually travelling to Manchester, UK.

    The Manchester United Mega store was built on Level 3 of The Venetian Macau (almost 600 m2) with the Manchester United Experience (1020 m2) being built directly above it on Level 5. 

    The layout and concept for the retail store was designed to be clean, simple and flexible. A curved custom low shelving unit was designed for the front area of the store and then the Nike retail system furniture was used for the remainder of the display areas. Floor units were kept to a datum to allow an uninterrupted view to the back of the store. The wall units were capped at 2400mm with easily interchangeable super-graphics of players and other promotional images. 

    The entrance is shared for the Mega store and Experience. It is a general retail belief that shoppers turn to their right upon entering a store. Therefore the shopper will navigate the store anti-clockwise and arrive at the POS and replica shirt area, pay for their goods and exit. 

    The cylindrical semi-translucent mezzanine level was seen as a holding space and appetizer for the Experience above. Once the pre-show has finished, visitors will take a further set of steps up to the Experience.

    They will then go around the Experience in a clockwise fashion and return to the Mega store floor by escalator, arriving towards the rear of the store. They will then pass through the Mega store, shopping if they wish, before paying for any selected goods and exiting the store.


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