• MIPIM launches RE-Invest: The real estate summit for institutional investors

    10 February 2012

    Paris, 8 February 2012 – MIPIM, the world’s property market, today announced the launch of RE-Invest, a summit bringing together leading institutional investors operating in the property sector.

    Taking place on Tuesday, 6 March, RE-Invest will bring together some 40 investors from pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and insurance companies that include GIC (Singapore), Teacher Retirement System of Texas (United States), MN Services (the Netherlands), First Swedish National Pension Fund (AP1) (Sweden) and Dutch Railway Pension Fund (SPF) (the Netherlands) to discuss the key issues facing the real estate financial community today.

    The central theme of RE-Invest will be ‘What is the future of fund management and is there a need for a new model?’ Round table discussions will debate specific issues identified in advance by IP Real Estate, a magazine targeting those responsible for running pension funds in Europe and a partner of RE-Invest. In addition, KPMG, which is also a RE-Invest partner, will seed discussions at the summit based on feedback from pre-MIPIM surveys of its clients.

    “For the first time at MIPIM, a wide-ranging event will enable international institutional investors to meet and discuss issues which are specific to them,” says Filippo Rean, Director of MIPIM.

    More than 4,200 investors are expected this year at MIPIM. In parallel with the RE-Invest summit, MIPIM will be dedicating a large part of its conference programme to investment, putting the emphasis on a segment-based analysis of property.

    “There is not one property market, there are several property markets, both by geographic area and business sector. In an increasingly complex economic situation, it is crucial to offer investors and all those in real estate, a more targeted approach to the trends and issues specific to these markets,” adds Filippo Rean.

    Among the 60 conferences scheduled, sessions will look at investment-related issues from various angles. All the main countries will see their distinctive features analysed including:

    • Several conferences on Asia, which will be scrutinised in detail to determine the best investment opportunities.
    • A session, jointly organised by IPD, will analyse the features of the British market, a two-speed market between London and the rest of the country.
    • A conference on risks resulting from the situation in the euro zone with Standard and Poor’s Chief Economist for Europe.
    • A session on Spain, where legislation has changed with the new government. 

    Among themed conferences, sessions will be dedicated to:

    • Medical property, a buoyant sector in Europe, but not risk-free.
    • Sport, engine for urban development.
    • Residential property, or how to build affordable and durable housing also profitable for investors.
    • Logistics property, trends and developments in this integral component of commercial property.
    • The impact of the European AIFM (Alternative Investment Fund Managers) Directive which will govern alternative investment funds. A session jointly organised with Juridim, the Circle of Managers and Heads of Legal departments in Real estate. 

    To find out more about the conference programme, log onto www.mipim.com


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