• RICS at forefront moves to set standardised ethics for across property industry

    15 January 2015

    An international coalition of professional organisations has been established with the aim of developing and implementing the first set of globally recognised ethics standards for property professionals and related industries.


    The International Ethics Standards Coalition is made up of 28 leading bodies that represent professionals working across the entire spectrum of land, property and construction related services, including the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

    Peter Bolton King, the RICS trustee to the IESC, said the principles currently in place often overlapped and the “extent to which they are understood consistently by members of the public, clients and consumers of professional services is poor”. It is hoped that the new standard will be ready early next year. Meanwhile, RICS was a founding member of the group that designed The International Property Measurement Standard for Offices. Some 55 groups were involved in creating the standards that will ensure a single, coherent methodology for measuring property. Depending on the standard used, the area quoted in different markets for the same building could vary by as much as 24%. More information at: www.ricsasia.org


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