• “The Act of Creative Sketching” illustrates charm of free-hand drawings

    22 July 2013

    A new book titled “The Act of Creative Sketching – My Architecture & Sketching Journey Blogs” is to be launched on 25 July 2013. The book is written by a seasoned architectural practitioner Errol Patrick Hugh, Principal Designer of LWK & Partners, who has the passion to show designers how free-hand sketch may allow rooms to permeate subtle visions, when the architecture profession has already been completely overwhelmed by computer aided software (CAD).

    Book Cover_The Act of Creative SketchingWith an aim to motivate young architects to use the act of sketching in their design process, The Act of Creative Sketching maps out key topics that discuss Errol’s architecture-related sketching process, including “Simple Lines”, “Virtual Surface” and “Framed View”, etc. along with “Sketching Tips”. His free-hand sketches have captured numerous iconic and picturesque sites, including Hong Kong SAR, Germany, Canada, Italy and Vatican. Errol adopts an easy-to-read approach by offering sketches, photographs, narratives and quoting interactive dialogues from his Blog to keep readers engaged.

    The book is derived from Errol’s well accepted Blog to show that hand-drawn-sketching is still alive. In his coincident encounter with Kindergarten teacher after leaving the nursery for fourteen years, Errol was convinced of the charm in sketches, “You are always remembered by your drawings, that is the power of free-hand sketching.” And it is the dominance CAD technologies that triggered his motive of starting a Blog, www.sketchingjourney.com to intervene in the repercussions of technologies. In the hope to initiate dialogues on sketching with readers from wider scopes, he decided to push his quest forward by publishing this book.

    “The genesis of The Act of Creative Sketching” is to introduce my personal approach and perhaps a systematic order in which the reader could understand, on how to deal with sketching at on-site locations.” according to Errol. To demonstrate his very own sketching style and introduce highlights of the new book, Errol will be at his book launch and signing at 7pm on 25 July 2013 (this Thursday) in the Fringe Club, Central of Hong Kong, welcoming any interested parties to join in and get to know the unencumbered process of drawing without restrictions.

    Born in Kingston, Jamaica and now residing in Hong Kong, Errol Hugh started his architectural career in 1963 when he enrolled at the Jamaica College of Technology. He was awarded the Alpha Rho Chi Medal with his Master Architecture Degree at the University of Manitoba in 1973 following completion of the Environmental Studies Degree in 1970. After a year as a 4th year design critic at the University of Manitoba, and a period of working for four years in various offices LWK & Partners (HK) Limited in Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Winnipeg and Edmonton, he started his own private practice Errol Hugh Architect Ltd. In 1993 and joined LWK & Partners in early 2006.

    For more details, please visit: www.lwkp.com.


    Natural and Organic: Red Dunes Playtopia Video credit: CHENIN Studio

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