• Traxon Technologies announces YBM GangNam Centre

    17 October 2012

    Situated at the heart of Seoul’ s most affluent business district, Korea’ s premier language institute, the YBM GangNam Centre, clearly stands out from the bustling area since the introduction of a unique media façade, which covers two sides of the building.

    The installation is one of the award-winning projects by B2 Lighting Management who have been honoured with the grand prize issued by IPD (International Public Design Exchange Foundation) and Seoul Metropolitan Government.

    The content design for the media façade is accomplished collectively by an intellectual community of renowned professors and experts in Korea. They envisioned an art concept comprising image and video sequences to form an abstract expression of meeting and separating, depicting a subtle perception of freedom, life and human nature.

    Traxon’s Mesh RGB proved to be the ideal canvas on which to unveil the mesmerizing concept on the building façade as flexibility in installation and the media palette’ s coherence to the existing architecture were extremely important.

    More information at: www.traxontechnologies.com.


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