• Vipac Hong Kong’s Acoustics and Vibration expert to speak at Inter-Noise 2012

    2 August 2012

    Would you like to discover the optimum design for an AAC Double Partition Wall?

    We have one that is soundproof, lightweight and relatively thin!

    Olivier Delas, Vipac Hong Kong’s Acoustics and Vibration expert, presents his paper, Airborne Sound Insulation Performance of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Building Material Design Study of an AAC Double Partition Wall at Inter-Noise 2012. 

    Changing living and work patterns along with increasing population and building densities have resulted in a growing need for innovation in the design of partition walls to reduce sound transmission. 

    In order to assist Architects, Developers, Engineers and Building Materials Manufacturers to understand why AAC materials are the perfect candidate to protect residential and office buildings from internal/external low frequency noise sources such as urban road traffic, wind farms, low speed rotating machinery, discos and home cinema sound systems etc. 

    Olivier will present his study of the airborne sound insulation performance of a double partition wall made of two layers of AAC. The main objectives of his research work were to:

    • Identify the most significant design parameter(s) in the airborne sound insulation performance of the AAC double partition.
    • Observe / understand the variations of the airborne sound insulation when varying the most significant design parameters.
    • Determine design of AAC double partition walls that can provide a satisfactory airborne sound insulation performance at a minimum thickness and surface mass. 

    Contact Olivier for more information. (Copies of his paper will be available on request after Inter-Noise 2012).

    Olivier Delas  E: [email protected] 

    Team Leader, Senior Consultant Acoustics & Vibration – Vipac Engineers & Scientists (HK) Ltd.

    For more information log onto www.internoise2012.com


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