• A joint effort to bring old buildings into the future

    30 June 2021

    (29 June 2021, Hong Kong) Gammon Construction Limited (‘Gammon’) is partnering with Guildhawk, a tech-led language services consultancy, to bring built environment into the future and help enhance safety through digitisation.


    The future of the global city is smart. To create the Smart Cities of tomorrow, we need to leverage innovative technologies to make our cities work more intelligently, more efficiently, and to the benefit of their populations and environments.

    Gammon’s partnership with Guildhawk aims to do just that. With Guildhawk’s AI technology, it facilitates multilingual information for built asset, and links this data to the newly created digital twins – digitised versions of manuals or PDF drawings. This enables optimisation of all interactions with these buildings, whether in terms of access to and sharing of data, avoidance of costly (and dangerous) errors, or insights into more efficient maintenance. It also aims to help enhance safety through the multilingual digitisation and conversion to video of Health & Safety, Compliance, and Training materials. Digital G, a Gammon subsidiary, will be the spearhead of delivering this technology to the market.

    Gammon’s Executive Director & CTO Paul Evans and Guildhawk’s CEO & Founder Jurga Zilinskiene signed the MOU at the signing e-Ceremony

    “Our construction industry is heavily relying on an extensive range of digital applications and solutions to manage all aspects of its work. With Guildhawk’s total solution, information could be digitalised efficiently and presented in a more engaging way,” said Paul Evans, Executive Director & CTO of Gammon. “The technology could expedite the digital transformation journey within Gammon and the bigger city.”

    “Cities of the future will be safer, more efficient, and happier places thanks to digital innovations being created today by Gammon and partners,” says David Clarke, Director of Integrity at Guildhawk. “It is an honour to be able to contribute with our AI-powered technologies. Trained on Guildhawk’s ultra-pure data lake, our avatars and AI bring manuals and essential training to life.”

    “This is an exciting partnership between Gammon and Guildhawk which again demonstrates the interest in tech collaborations between the UK and Hong Kong,” says Nick Heath, Director General of the UK Department for International Trade. “The UK has a long pedigree and a world class reputation in fostering smart city development. By investing in our domestic capability around smart cities in the UK, we are innovating and developing new products which can improve the design and delivery of the built environment worldwide. In places like Hong Kong, home to forward thinking construction companies like Gammon, those developments can make a real difference. We are keen to continue working with Hong Kong industry and government so that we can bring our innovative technologies to make the world’s cities more sustainable, responsive and smart.”

    Guildhawk’s AI avatar as the MC of the MOU Signing e-Ceremony

    Gammon and Guildhawk have been working together on digitisation and to bring old buildings into the future. The resulting solution is a perfect complement to Gammon’s existing innovative offering, and will help expedite the creation of tomorrow’s Smart Cities. For more information on the individual products within the Gammon/Guildhawk offering, visit https://www.guildhawk.com/guildhawk-technologies.


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