• Healthbox 3.0: compact “smart home” ventilation unit with installation app

    28 February 2017

    Healthbox 3.0 ensures that there is fresh air in your home in a smart, fully automated manner. This new generation of demand-controlled ventilation is ready to use in all “smart homes” because, from now on, it communicates with both the installer and the resident through a linked app. This makes the installation of the ventilation even more practical for you as an installer.


    Healthbox 3.0: intelligent and energy efficient

    Thanks to the built-in sensors that continuously measure the level of humidity, CO2 and/or VOC (volatile organic compounds, or “odours”), the Healthbox 3.0 can adapt the ventilation levels where and when necessary. The SmartConnect connection turns the Healthbox 3.0 into a connected ventilation system for smart homes. The unit is equipped with a new, even more energy efficient (up to 30% less consumption at the same flow rate) and silent ventilator. The Healthbox is a part of the C+ ventilation system (supply through window ventilation) and ensures a gain of up to 23 points in the home’s E-level.


    Compact metamorphosis

    The Healthbox 3.0 ventilation unit has a sleek design and comes in at just barely 20 cm high. This makes it easy to recess compactly and hide away. If the connections are far enough apart, it makes it easy to connect the Easyflex air ducts with two next to each other from now on.  The various valves (which have been redesigned for improved operation) can now be connected remotely, instead of directly on the unit. By using the collectors, even more spaces can be ventilated (up to a maximum of 11) instead of the available 7 connections on the ventilation unit. This means that the Smart Zone principle (including extraction in the bedrooms) can be more easily applied and installed in a more compact manner using fewer pipes.


    Installation app

    The Healthbox 3.0 application developed especially for you makes it even easier for you as the installer to install and regulate the ventilation unit. All of the parameters, such as a pressure drop, the set flow rate, etc., have been visualised using a well-organised, step-by-step plan. The manual setting of dip switches is also a part of the past because now it can be done using the app so that the flow rate of the separate extraction points can be directly adjusted if necessary. Moreover, the necessary documents for the EPB application are automatically created after regulating the system. The app also grants you access to the web portal where you can manage all your installations and follow up on all your job sites. Documents are stored/remain available here. The status of your administration is clearly visible at a glance.


    User application: connected to the home and the ventilation

    The resident can the quality of the indoor air at a glance in a separate user application thanks to the background colour on the screen. The Healthbox 3.0’s recent activity is also displayed visually: after showering or sleeping at night, you will be able to see a temporarily increased ventilation level on the graph. You will also be able to find the logs per room for the ventilation, humidity, CO2 and/or VOC levels.

    By default, the Healthbox 3.0 will ventilate based on the “Health” profile. This profile ensures that the indoor air is healthy; it is also energy-efficient thanks to the demand-controlled ventilation. For example, you can select the “Intense” profile for the baby’s room. This profile will ensure that the polluted air is more quickly extracted due to a more intensive ventilation level. The “Eco” profile prioritises the energy-efficiency aspect and the polluted air is extracted over a longer period of time at a lower ventilation level.

    Healthbox 3.0 will be available from 2018 on




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