• Qi for the home: Steam is the lifeforce behind V-ZUG

    23 June 2022

    (22 June 2022, Hong Kong) In traditional Chinese culture, the concept of Qi symbolises the vital life force, the flow of energy which makes up the essence of every living entity. Qi has multiple connotations and translations, one of which is “breath” or “steam”. Put simply, Qi is the force that breathes life into, makes up and binds together, all things in the universe.

    As air is the invisible life force of the human body, so can steam be to the home. Most manufacturers focus on the utilisation of electric power as the most important factor for household appliances. Purveyor of premium Swiss designed household appliances, V-ZUG realised that in fact there is much to be gleaned from the more gentle, more efficient and highly advantageous Chinese cultural culinary practise of utilising the power of steam, which can be applied to multiple functions across the home.

    The benefits of using steam to preserve flavour and delicate textures have been a core principle of Chinese cuisine for centuries. Unlike in the West where steaming is used predominantly for cooking vegetables, in Chinese and many other Asian cultures, steaming is a gentle, healthy and efficient cooking technique that seals in the taste and nutrition of every element of a meal. It was this principle that led V-ZUG, over 20 years ago, to pioneer the use of steam technology in domestic devices through the launch of its first revolutionary combi-steam oven. As a leader in its field, V-ZUG understands that luxurious living means new technologies, energy-saving functions, sleek design and extraordinary craftsmanship. Appreciating that the versatility of ‘smart steam’ technology could be applied far beyond food preparation and become in essence the life force, the Qi, of the entire home, V-ZUG has spent the last two decades developing a range of innovative steam-propelled household appliances, many of which are now on display at multipurpose concept space and home of luxury lifestyle brands, House of Madison.

    Back to where it all began: The Excellence Combi-Steam Oven It was the turn of the millennium when V-ZUG launched the first Combi-steam oven which, thanks to its sophisticated combination of controlled steam, genuine hot air and intelligent ZUG technology, made it possible for home chefs across the world to achieve optimum cooking and baking results rapidly, simply and safely.

    Cooks everywhere are delighted with the way steaming allows you to eat healthily using a modern style of food prep that doesn’t compromise on flavour. Unpressurised cooking means that delicate ingredients are handled with care, and it is almost impossible to overcook anything. It was this revolutionary technology that established the Combi-Steam oven as a runaway success, as it remains one of the brand’s “hero products” to this day.

    In 2021, the Excellence Line was launched, celebrating a modern elevation to a product which has withstood the test of time. Developed and produced in Switzerland, the new Excellence Line combi-steam ovens offer a purist design, interactive operation and perfect results, featuring. The revolutionary CircleSlider, an adjusting knob that is inserted into the touch display responding precisely to the placement of your finger, helping you set exact values such as the temperature or duration.

    Key highlights Excellence Line:

    • Innovation: CCS (Climate Control System) and ESS (Electronic Steam System) systems ensure the best automatic control of temperature and humidity allowing for the best cooking results.
    • Precision: Temperature accurately controlled degree by degree.
    • Acclamation: The Combi-Steam oven is widely used in the professional kitchens in Michelin starred restaurants across the globe.
    • Detailed: Unbelievable precision, a distinctive yet sleek design combined with complex technology that’s straightforward to use – when all of these elements are perfectly coordinated, and excellence can be found in every last one, magic truly lies in the details.

    A host’s best friend: The AdoraDish

    When the party is over, steam can be the ultimate ally when it comes to cleaning up. Using the patented SteamFinish programme, AdoraDish dishwashers use pure steam, which is free of the salts, minerals and crystals usually found in water – leaving no traces and ensuring your dishes, cutlery and glassware are spotlessly clean and sparkling like never before.

    With AdoraDish you can even instigate a “Party” programme that quickly removes leftovers from dishes in only 11 minutes per cycle, meaning five full loads can be washed one after another (for example, after each dinner party course) in record time.

    What’s more, AdoraDish is one of the most environmentally sound machines on the market. While washing up by hand uses around 40 litres of water, AdoraDish uses just 5 litres in its automatic programme. If the dishwasher is connected to a warm water supply, you can also set up a special function, which allows the Adora to consume as much as 90 % less energy.

    Key Highlights AdoraDish:

    • Energy Saving: V-ZUG was the first brand to install a highly efficient heat pump into dishwasher and to be awarded the incredible energy efficiency rating of A, which uses 50% less energy than conventional dishwasher.
    • High performance: Unique glass programme utilises steam to ensure glassware sparkles and shines. • Adaptable: Perfect for installation in tall units thanks to a special door hinge allows the dishwasher door to be slightly raised when opened.

    Beyond the kitchen: The power of steam for garment preservation with AdoraWash and AdoraDry V-ZUG washers and dryers are designed to work for you and for the planet. By encompassing environmentally friendly functions without compromising on results, AdoraWash has achieved the top rating in energy and spin-drying efficiency, making it one of the most resource-efficient appliances in its class. The various eco-program features help to ensure water and energy are saved in every cycle such as OptiTime, an intelligent delayed start function utilising time available to maximise energy efficiency. The steam anti-crease programme uses steam generated at the end of the wash cycle to gently treat delicate garments, making ironing faster and more convenient to the point of removing the need altogether.

    Key Highlights AdoraWash:

    • Specialist Microstructure: 14,000 holes guarantee the perfect water flow and steam through the laundry, ensuring and unbeaten clean and anti-crease functionality.
    • Quieter & More Durable: An exclusive Vibration Absorption System (VAS) ensures less noise in the drum and gives the appliance a longer lifespan. • Gentle Care: The WetClean program treats laundry more carefully than washing by hand, allowing it to clean even the most delicate of fabrics.
    Key Highlights AdoraDry: • Accessibility: Large door-opening angle and 45° pivoting panel setting via a full-colour touch display for maximum ergonomics and quick access to fluff filter in the door.
    • Efficiency: Large Ventilation window guarantees clothes dry evenly and maximises efficiency. AdoraDry V6000 with heat pump meets the energy efficiency rating of A+++-10%.

    Here to serve: Groomed to perfection with the RefreshButler

    The pièce de resistance of steam technology and a unique appliance that any modern household should have, the RefreshButler provides premium garment care without the need for traditional washing or drying. The only system of its kind in the world, delicate fabrics are put through a closed air circuit where a photocatalytically active coating interacts with light and steam to refresh items with the gentlest of care. Not only are creases reduced by means of a crease guard function, but the steam technology neutralises unwanted odours and removes 99.99% of bacteria and germs without the need for any chemicals.

    The sleek design means the RefreshButler works as a free-standing appliance or can be fitted seamlessly into an existing cabinet system to suit your needs.

    Key Highlights RefreshButler

    • Eco-friendly: Zero chemicals required to achieve maximum hygiene results.
    • Exclusive: Only 200 pieces made per year ensuring a limited production with handmade craftmanship.
    V-ZUG is now available through The Madison Group in Hong Kong and Macau.

    For more information please visit: www.themadisongroup.asia

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