• BEC CEO dialogue offers insights on accelerating digital transformation for a Net-zero future

    17 April 2024

    (17 April 2024, Hong Kong) Business Environment Council Limited (“BEC”) today organised its biannual signature event “BEC CEO Dialogue”, attracting leaders, professionals and experts from various industries of the business sector to join.

    With the theme of “Accelerating Digital Transformation for a Net-zero Future”, Mr Erdal Elver, President and Chief Executive Officer of Siemens Hong Kong and Macao, was invited as our honourable guest to exchange views with Mr Andy Yeung, Board Director of BEC and Director and Head of Technical Services of Hongkong Land, and Mr Simon Ng, Chief Executive Officer of BEC, on the pivotal role of digital transformation in driving a net-zero future.

    Mr Simon Ng said, “Given the urgency of addressing climate challenges, the business community must scale up digital transformation, which is crucial in reducing carbon emissions, redefining the energy landscape and ensuring timely adoption across various sectors. Through today’s CEO Dialogue, we are delighted to have acquired valuable insights from Siemens on its digital strategies and how the acceleration of digital transformation could contribute to Hong Kong’s transition to a net-zero economy.”

    During the discussion, Mr Erdal Elver shed light on how the latest technologies like artificial intelligence and digital twin contribute to achieving a net-zero future in various sectors. By providing examples from Siemens in supporting organisations towards their sustainability targets, he emphasised that digital transformation enables companies to increase output while using fewer resources. His insights showcased the power of digital technologies in reducing energy consumption, optimising resource utilisation, and enabling more efficient and sustainable operations across industries and infrastructure sectors. “With our commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by 2030, we strongly believe that accelerating digital transformation is essential for companies to gain their competitive edge. With this in mind, we are dedicated to empowering businesses in Hong Kong to achieve their sustainability goals with our open digital business platform. By unlocking the full potential of technology, we can foster collaboration and establish a thriving ecosystem that actively contributes to Hong Kong’s net-zero goal by 2050.” said Mr Erdal Elver.

    Recognising the challenges and barriers in developing and implementing digitalisation solutions for achieving net zero, the dialogue explored the complexities involved. The three distinguished executives discussed the need for robust data infrastructure, skilled workforce, and integrated systems to overcome these challenges effectively. The dialogue also emphasised the key considerations organisations should keep in mind when adopting digitalisation solutions for a net-zero future, highlighting the importance of setting clear sustainability goals, leveraging data analytics for informed decision-making, and ensuring interoperability and compatibility among different digital systems.

    The insightful conversation was well received by the audience who were able to get invaluable inspirations on how digital technologies could be leveraged to reduce carbon emissions and help realise net-zero by 2050. They acknowledged the importance of innovation and collaboration in developing scalable green digitalisation solutions with significant environmental impact.

    “BEC CEO Dialogue” is a signature event of BEC launched in the year of 2022 which marks the 30th Anniversary of the organisation, aiming to provide a platform for idea exchange and experience sharing among business leaders and senior executives. Prestigious CEOs from renowned companies and organisations are invited as honourable guests to share their valuable insights on topics related to environmental excellence and sustainability in Hong Kong.

    In the “BEC CEO Dialogue” held today, Mr Erdal Elver (middle), President and Chief Executive Officer of Siemens Hong Kong and Macao, exchanges views with Mr Andy Yeung (right), Board Director of BEC, and Mr Simon Ng (left), CEO of BEC, under the theme of “Accelerating Digital Transformation for a Net-zero Future”

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