• Celebrating 30 years of excellence: PMDL Architecture & Design announces major leadership updates across its international studios

    19 April 2024

    PMDL Architecture & Design proudly commemorates its 30th anniversary with a series of pivotal promotions and enhancements to its leadership team across Sydney, Melbourne, and Hong Kong.

    As PMDL reflects on three decades of architectural innovation and client service, founding directors Andrew Pender and David Morris express profound gratitude for the enduring relationships cultivated with both team members and clients.

    Leadership additions and promotions in a strategic move to fortify its leadership cadre, PMDL is thrilled to announce the appointment of Caio Peculis as Practice Director, based in Sydney. Additionally, Alison Wheeler, head of our Victorian Studios, and Caio Peculis have accepted offers of equity in the firm, underscoring their commitment to PMDL’s future.

    Recognising talent and dedication within the organization, PMDL proudly elevates Josh Bell, Sue Cai, Rachael Drayton, Stephanie Hope, Olga Mladenovic, Gayatri Sawe (Sydney), and John Rice (Melbourne) to the esteemed position of Senior Associate. Furthermore, Jay James (Hong Kong), Amgad Sedrak (Sydney) and Devon Osborne (Melbourne), have been appointed as Associates, acknowledging their contributions to the firm’s success.

    In a significant development, Vicki van Dijk, Practice Director, assumes the role of Managing Partner, facilitating Andrew Pender’s transition to a client and project-oriented role. Vicki’s stewardship heralds a new era of operational excellence and strategic direction for PMDL.

    PMDL extends heartfelt appreciation to colleagues, collaborators, and clients, past and present, whose unwavering support has been instrumental in the firm’s journey. As PMDL embarks on its fourth decade, the rejuvenated leadership team remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering unparalleled service and fostering innovative design solutions for clients worldwide.

    Join PMDL Architecture & Design in congratulating its newly appointed leaders as the firm embarks on the next chapter of architectural excellence.

    About PMDL Architecture & Design: PMDL Architecture & Design is an international Architecture and Interior design firm committed to delivering exceptional design solutions and client service across diverse sectors. With a legacy of three decades of excellence, PMDL continues to push boundaries and shape the built environment with creativity and innovation.


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