• CIC welcomes the creation of “Construction Innovation and Technology Fund”

    1 March 2018

    (28 February 2018, Hong Kong) The Construction Industry Council (CIC) welcomed the creation of the HK$1 billion “Construction Innovation and Technology Fund” (the Fund) proposed by the Financial Secretary in his 2018-19 Budget delivered today.


    Chairman of CIC, Mr. CHAN Ka-kui, said, ‘CIC has been promoting the development of the construction industry, and encouraging the use of innovative techniques. We established the “Construction Innovation and Technology Application Centre” in November last year, with an aim of introducing innovative technologies for the industry and promoting their adoption in Hong Kong. In the coming few years, with anticipated construction volume reaching over HK$250 billion per year, and in face of the challenges of shortage in skilled labour and aging workforce, the industry should espouse technologies to boost productivity, enhance built quality, improve site safety and uplift environmental performance. We are encouraged by the Government’s initiative to set up the Fund to expedite the transformation of the industry through innovation and technology adoption.’

    Mr. CHAN noted that in recent years, the Government and CIC has been promoting the use of technologies, such as Building Information Modelling, prefabricated steel reinforcement components and Modular Integrated Construction, etc. The Fund would encourage wider adoption of these technologies. The Fund would encourage wider adoption of these technologies. The Fund also seeks to build up the capacity for companies and practitioners in adopting innovative technologies by supporting students and industry practitioners for training and exposure programmes on the latest construction technologies.

    In the coming months, CIC will work closely with the Government to engage the industry to understand its needs and concerns, and draw up the implementation arrangements to ensure effective use of the Fund.


    Please visit www.cic.hk for further details.





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