• Crystal supports aquatic design & engineering in creating Ferrari World entrance on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi

    14 May 2011

    World class aquatic architecture firm, Aquatic Design & Engineering, with the support of international water feature specialist Crystal, has created one of the world’s largest and most spectacular, customised water features at the Yas Island Welcome Pavilion in Abu Dhabi.

    This multi-million dollar development by Aldar Properties serves as the gateway to Ferrari World, the biggest covered entertainment city on the planet. With its incredible effects, the theatrical water feature sets the stage for the excitement visitors will experience at the Ferrari inspired theme park, including the fastest rollercoaster on earth and an array of luxury hotels, retailers, restaurants and sports facilities.

    The choreographed dancing fountain is located in pools on either side of the entrance adjacent to the Ferrari Theme Park. 

    The water feature covers 8268 sq m and is visible from the Welcome Pavilion’s car park. 

    The fountain greets visitors as they arrive and puts on an awe-inspiring show to remember when they leave at night. It uses the very latest LED Lighting and water nozzle technology to provide an endless array of moods and shows.

    Thousands of LED lights and nozzles (2,100 Crystal LED Lights, 750 nozzles and 91 custom Crystal CheoreoSwitchesâ) were installed in geometric patterns symbolizing a racetrack to create unique choreographed sequences of water and light. The water feature has a calm, passive daytime mode, utilizing only 10% of power.  Throughout the evening, the fountain builds every 30 minutes, dazzling visitors when every light and nozzle is running.

    The water feature’s pools are constructed in a series of raised platforms, or steps, that are lined with LED Lights, adding to the geometric effects that the pattern of lights and nozzles create.  The fountain can be reprogrammed at any time to produce customised sequences of water and light. For example, the LED Lights can display the colours of a national flag on a particular evening, or perform a tailored one off water show for a special guest. Water and light effects can also be choreographed to “dance” to music. Over the years the fountain will be reprogrammed many times to ensure that visitors never see the same display.

    The water feature incorporates a range of different nozzles that are individually programmed to form animated sequences. Aerator Burst Jets shoot water up to 100’/30.4m in the air, and generate a tight stream that rises rapidly but disperses at its peak to fall in a gentle, controlled manner. Aerator Cascade Jets produce geyser-like eruptions of foamy, aerated water that bursts from the surface of the pool and falls heavily in a conical pattern.

    LED Lights work to create an endless kaleidoscope of changing colours including Crystal’s LED Ring Lights.  These are the latest in LED Lighting technology and consist of a sealed “ring” of individual LED’s, with an allowance in the middle to accommodate a water nozzle. Due to the circular nature of the lights, water effects are surrounded 360 degrees creating intense lighting from all angles.

     “Working together with the team from Aldar, ADE had a great development partner who allowed us to create a dynamic and engaging water feature. This will serve as one of ADE’s signature projects for years to come with its innovative look and energy efficient design. Crystal’s products helped us turn our visions into reality,” said Ken Martin, President & Managing Director of Aquatic Design & Engineering

    Paul L’Heureux of Crystal commented: “Working with ADE continues to be a privilege.  Yas Island could be described as the Las Vegas of the Middle East and the fountain certainly rivals anything you would see there. We employed the most contemporary engineering to help ADE create a fascinating water feature and are delighted with the results.”


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