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    28 November 2019

    (27 November 2019, Singapore) ‘The next wave of workplace design should be the antithesis of corporate’ said Simon Bell, Managing Director, SE Asia, FITCH. With a deep understanding of consumer and human needs across industries and markets, the world’s leading brand experience design consultancy applied its creative approach ‘Designing the Future’ to challenge current conventions and create an engaging workplace driven by experience.

    FITCH’s vision for the future of workplace is to design a meaningful and purposeful experience that will foster passionate, innovative and committed employees to create a brand experience, not just another better-looking office.

    This month, Microsoft launched its new regional headquarters in Singapore at Frasers Tower, designed by FITCH in partnership with SLA, where they reimagined the future of working environments by catering to individual employee needs and empowering a collective culture within the workplace.

    FITCH+SLA designs Microsoft’s new regional headquarters in Singapore at Frasers Tower.


    Designing a place of belonging for Microsoft

    To create a workplace that breaks away from traditional and corporate spaces, FITCH+SLA created an interior based around unique ‘villages’ to give each area more identity and a human scale. Each area caters to different working styles and preferences for increased collaboration, innovation and teamwork. As technology is at the heart of Microsoft, FITCH+SLA designed a Growth Core — an interactive digital and physical content wall that runs vertically through the 6 floors to connect the Microsoft community, immersing employees and guests in information from its values, philanthropic initiatives, internal and global events, news to global ground-breaking service and product developments. 

    A place for employees to engage with their guests before or after a meeting at Microsoft’s regional headquarters in Singapore at Frasers Tower.


    Designed for individuals to empower a collective culture

    Microsoft employees contributed to the design elements of their new workspaces, by choosing the types of furniture and space settings, naming meeting rooms and showcase personal photography within the space as artwork. Throughout the process, sneak peeks of visuals and guided tours were used to build constant dialogue and partnership with the FITCH+SLA design team. This workplace of the future has a shared sense of purpose and a culture of collaboration, empowering and inspiring people to do their best work.





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