• Duravit collaborate with Philippe Starck

    23 January 2013

    From the heated seat to the cleansing wash – modern toilets offer a completely new standard of hygiene and comfort for the smallest room in the house. 

    SeWo_PR_A4_quer.inddThe culture of the “shower toilet” has been standard in the Asian world for many years and more and more Europeans are now discovering its benefits during their travels and want to continue to enjoy this naturally cleansing comfort when they return home.

    Bathroom manufacturer Duravit and designer Philippe Starck have now taken up this idea and have collaborated on the “SensoWash Starck” shower-toilet seat that premieres outstanding design and showering comfort in equal measure – a symbiosis with which Duravit wishes to set new standards for the toilet.

    The shower-toilet seat boasts an unusually flat and slimline design that curves gently up into the wall and that finishes in an elegant silver-coloured panel. To ensure the continuous flow of the clear lines, the technical components have been miniaturised so the entire technology fits between the ceramic body and the seat.


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