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    31 October 2022

    A fascinating concept inspired by the seasons of life, The Arles is a highly acclaimed place designed by QUAD studio which creates the exceptional Experiential Hub, an area of natural elements with the inspiration of four seasons to welcome all visitors, and The Art of Life, an artistically tailored show unit specifically designed for an artist’s family.


    Experiential Hub

    The Experiential Hub was designed to create an immersive experience to welcome all visitors. It captures the natural elements of the outdoor landscape and re-imagines them, taking visitors into an extraordinary world. Using the unique characteristics of the four seasons, each space is designed to evoke different emotions from visitors. It forms an artistic interpretation of the gardens at The Arles.

    Stepping into the Experiential Hub, you are taken to Sakura Forest surrounded by a reflective lake. The ceiling designed as a silver-frosted wave of water permeates through the pink Sakura. The shadows of the Sakura trees are reflected on the lake surface swaying in the breeze. Pink Sakura blossoms into life above soft green grass, the lake ringed with grey pebbles. 

    Next to the Sakura Forest you will find a Japanese Black Pine Tree symbolizing the spirit of The Arles. The Black Pines extend from one dimension to another. Sunlight penetrates through the trees and floats above the sand pool, creating a sense of timeless elegance. 

    Moving from the Sakura Forest, visitors are greeted with a familiar fragrance, inviting them to enter the lavender garden. At the back of the garden is a cluster of arches framing the warm-felt sunset beyond creating a sense of calm, elegance and romance.

    As you move towards the summer evening under the starry night, you are greeted by shimmering lights radiating from fireflies. The chirping of cicadas and crickets breaks the silence of the summer night. Friends and families can build a campfire and enjoy the camaraderie. 

    Finally, we arrive at winter, where visitors step into a white bamboo forest. The light gleams through the white bamboo trees and scatters on the ground, creating a unique artistic atmosphere.

    The Art of Life 

    The Art of Life is a tailored show unit at The Arles designed for an artist’s family. It integrates functional facilities into habitable space. Artistic paintings are used to create an elegant atmosphere, with a special painted feature wall reflecting the owner’s personality. The open-close kitchen design and the wine cellar are seamlessly connected to enhance the sense of space. Burgundy door panels are used for the kitchen cabinets, which match the colour of the wine cellar and add a sense of sophistication. 

    The living room features an art-painting wall with a light-colored design. Sunlight shines through the skylight into the living room, providing ample light and bringing warmth to the living room. The solitary sofa with black and white cushions matches the tone of the art-painting wall. A round coffee table is placed upon a round green rug to create a strong contrast of colour and form, creating a sense of harmony with the sofa. Behind the TV cabinet is a lattice wall which matches the interior’s elevated sense of style.

    The feature wall extends to the centre of the dining room. The shape of the dining table and chairs creates a clean and consistent vibe. The dining table is designed with grey marble which matches the fabric of the chairs, creating an elegant and luxurious atmosphere. A minimalistic metal chandelier is hung in the dining room to create a perfect sense of harmony.

    The open plan kitchen and wine cellar area provides a space for storage and social interaction. Friends and family can not only enjoy a drink together, the wine collection can also be displayed in the area. Walls are covered with red and white marble and a frosted mirror, which reflects both dining room and living rooms, increasing the sense of space.

    The feature wall of the guest bedroom differs from that of the living room. The waves of different colours bring a strong sense of nature. Both the desk and the bed are of wooden texture. The desk is designed in simple and concise lines which are consistent with the minimalistic modern design. The guest bathroom incorporates both marble and metal finishes. The shower area is separated from the main bathroom by a dark transparent glass panel. The use of marble enhances the artistic vibe in the guest bathroom. 

    The drawing studio is tailored for the artist. The wall of the studio is designed in a solitary shape, with a feature wall of a magnificent jungle picture to bring the studio to life. A fabric sofa is placed next to the painting tools, which adds more vibrant colours to the studio. There is a cloakroom and ensuite bathroom in the master bedroom. The cloakroom is equipped with a full-length mirror wall, which allows the artist to match the outfit before heading out. It also makes the cloakroom look more spacious. 

    Next to the cloakroom is the master bathroom. The wall, the floor and the bathtub are made of emerald marble which create an elegant and artistic atmosphere. The bedroom and the master bathroom are separated by electronically atomized glass, which visually enhances the sense of space. A metal stand is designed next to the bathtub for storage and for placing smartphones or tablets.  The floor of the master bedroom is a light shade to create a sense of modernity. A tanned leather bed frame contrasts visually with the tone of the unit and becomes the accent colouirs used in the bedroom. Round bedside tables are placed on both sides of the bed. A metal chandelier on the left side of the bedroom Completes the sense of elegance which is carried throughout the lively, vibrant and elegant interiors.

    For further information, please visit Quad Studio.


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