• Gensler partners with ANTA, Official Sportwear Partner of the Beijing Winter Olympics

    16 February 2022

    Gensler has once again collaborated with ANTA to launch the newest ANTA Guanjun Stores in Beijing and Shanghai.

    Coinciding with the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, ANTA, as the Official Sportwear Partner of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and the Chinese Olympic Committee, has launched a new high-end design store to celebrate. Following Gensler’s successful cooperation with ANTA in developing their tenth-generation retail identity and several flagship locations across China, Gensler embarked to create this new retail concept that aims to highlight ANTA’s strengths as a professional sports brand.

    Setting this concept format apart from the standard ANTA experience are the technical performance sportwear. The new concept store will provide sportwear designed with the same performance technology as the national team and items bearing the licensed national flag. The store also offers the newly designed high-end champion training series that can meet the needs of consumers in gym training and daily life.

    Elevating the experience to match the products, the Gensler team pursued a concept based on the ideals of the Olympic Spirit and the stadiums, sports, and equipment that makes that Spirit possible. A minimal pure material palette of warm monochrome colors, accented with “champion” red, enables the technical details of products to really shine in the space. To enhance the performance feeling of the space, all the chosen materials possess a tactile quality that evoke the engineered and highly designed qualities of ANTA’s products. Lights and shadows reflect and play across the space, creating a powerful and dynamic impact for such a small footprint of a store.

    Lydia Zhu, CMO at ANTA said, “The new ANTA Guanjun Store marks an important milestone for the brand. We are very happy to cooperate with Gensler once again to bring to consumers new brand experience.”

    Richard Chang, Gensler Greater China retail leader said, “Gensler’s latest collaboration with ANTA Group on this Olympic-inspired retail concept is another great showcase of our commitment and long-term relationship.”

    Going along with Gensler’s previous ANTA’s collaborations, our designers evolved the Tenth-Generation gym retail fixtures into Olympic experience inspired fixtures. The product fixtures all recall different elements of Olympic sports, whether it be the “relay baton” wall shelf system, the “ping-pong” product table, or the “high jump” hanging rack. Other items more specifically call back to Olympic stadiums such as our coliseum ceiling tracks and stadium lamps, athletic track inspired graphic wall curtains and carpets, and jumbotron digital screens. Lastly key Olympic elements such as the medal podium serve as essential visual merchandising moments.

    All of these elements combine to create a feeling of professional sports legacy rooted in technical and performance-oriented products. This opens up a new market category for ANTA rooted in a consumer base that reaches beyond ANTA super fans into a world of high-level performance and China-pride. As ANTA continues to grow and shine in the eyes of the world, this retail platform firmly elevates the brand and consolidate its position as a leader in China’s professional sports brands in the future.

    Beijing APM ANTA Guanjun Store

    Beijing APM Shopping Mall

    Shanghai iapm ANTA Guanjun Store

    Shanghai iapm Shopping Mall


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