• HKIA Belt & Road Forum 2021, retrospect and prospect of Belt and Road construction projects

    29 March 2021

    (25 March 2021, Hong Kong) According to the latest registry, there are more than 2,300 professional practices in constructions, surveying, and engineering services in Hong Kong. Since the early 90s of the last century, Hong Kong’s architectural and engineering professionals have already set their footprints in construction and development projects in the Mainland as well as overseas countries and cities on the “Belt and Road”. According to one of the surveys conducted by The Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA), among the construction projects undertaken by over 200 corporate members of HKIA, at least 50% of their projects are located outside Hong Kong. It illustrates that local practices are highly experienced in providing cross-border architectural services.

    With the funding support by the Professional Services Advancement Support Scheme (“PASS”) from the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, HKIA will organise its first “HKIA Belt & Road Forum 2021” (HKIA B&R Forum 2021) on 16th to 17th April 2021 (Friday to Saturday) at the CIC-Zero Carbon Park (CIC-ZCP) in Kowloon Bay with Live Broadcasting on Forum online platform. The Forum will review the implementation and impacts of Belt and Road construction projects, analyse the opportunities and challenges embedded and explore the positioning of Hong Kong Architectural Professionals under the B&R national policy with a view to explore the future development and prospects of “Belt and Road” construction projects.

    Forum Theme: Retrospect and Prospect of Belt and Road Construction Projects

    The theme of this Forum is set as “Retrospect and Prospect of Belt and Road Construction Projects”. The Forum will invite construction experts and scholars from Hong Kong, Mainland China, as well as experts and officials from the various B&R Initiative countries’ government and business sectors. Participating professionals and guests will share their valuable experience in the implementation of the B&R infrastructure projects and review the challenges encountered. They will provide valuable insights and observations and put forward their perspectives on how best to move forward for future collaboration in the post-pandemic era.

    HKIA B&R Forum 2021 will be the first of its kind for exchange among the construction and architectural professionals in Hong Kong, Mainland China and B&R countries and cities. It also aims to position Hong Kong professionals as the “bridge” and “super-connector” role in the B&R Initiative and continue to uplift Hong Kong’s architects and their counterparts’ highest standard in their service and generate more prospects from the B&R Initiative.

    Through professional exchanges and dialogues between architects and practices, it will demonstrate Hong Kong architects’ leading role in the professional sector around the globe, as well as its unique advantages that Hong Kong architects uphold, as exemplified by its Hong Kong-styled “Architects’ Professional Full Services” which will surely bring smoother project procurement process and quality project outcome.

    About Hong Kong-styled “Architects’ Professional Full Services”

    The “Architects’ Professional Full Services” is adopted by Hong Kong Architects offer a very wide range of client services at every stage of the design and build process, from the design and concept stage through town building code plans and approvals, cost estimating and construction observation. From the Preliminary preparation of construction projects, Architects’ Professional Full Services act as a leading role to coordinate with professional design firms on project feasibility studies, conceptual design, preliminary design, construction drawing, and contractor bid and negotiation. During the building process, the Architects’ Professional Full Services will supervise the safety and quality assurance, completion-based check and acceptance, even dealing with the quality problems on warranty period until the final cost settlement.

    Using Hong Kong Full-service architects to manage the whole construction project can control the construction project design from a macro perspective by adopting the changes in the market and actual environments according to the design requirements, and supervise the actual construction environment during construction. Making the project as efficient and successful as possible by merging the responsibilities between the law and design contract, eliminating errors and checking the quality at every stage of the building process to ensure optimal construction quality by fully showcase the original design through the unique advantages Hong Kong-styled “Architects’ Professional Full Services” provides.

    In conjunction with the forum, a series of remarkable B&R construction projects led by HKIA members will be showcased. The public will get the chance to throwback and appreciate the outstanding architectural works of Hong Kong architects in the overseas.

    HKIA Belt &Road Forum 2021

    16th – 17th April 2021 (Friday and Saturday)

    CIC-Zero Carbon Park (ZCP), 8 Sheung Yuet Rd, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong (with Live Broadcasting on Forum Online Platform) Multi-Purpose Hall: Forum Exhibition Area A: Belt and Road Construction Projects Exhibition

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