• Jidu’s new experience center ROBOVERSE unveiled at Sanlitun Beijing

    14 April 2023

    Jidu unveiled the ROBOVERSE Sanlitun Experience Center at Taikoo Li Sanlitun, a next generation brand experience center for the intelligent car 3.0 era that is focused on realizing an extraordinary vision of reality where digital intelligence comes alive to unite people, art, and technology.


    A collaborative work between Jidu and Gensler, the Jidu ROBOVERSE Sanlitun Experience Center is a hybrid physical-digital brand building experience. It is an experiential space that aggregates product experience, digital experience, brand display, a Robo-Car art space and other functions.

    Immersed in the values of Jidu, this space unites the brand, the Robo-Car, and the digital experience, creating an imagined new world that is an extension of the Robo-Car – reaching into the fourth space between the digital and physical world. It represents the brand’s commitment to explore the boundary of human-computer interaction.

    The experience center creates a disruptive presence in Sanlitun, changing the gravity of the urban center, inviting visitors into the ROBOVERSE of Jidu. From the street level, the view is captured by an ultra-futuristic interior, entrancing lights and animations framed by a minimal metallic facade, a machine revealing its pulsating soul.

    Upon entry, the visitor is prompted to make their own Robo-Self, a virtual avatar that will accompany them on their virtual journey through the Experience Center’s vision of the ROBOVERSE . This Avatar interacts with the many digital touchpoints that follow throughout the space.

    Immersed in a digital environment, the Robo-Car is teleported it to worlds both real and digital. Flanking this experience are subtle concealed details and cabinets that reveal the many customization options possible with the Robo-Car, a high-tech solution for a minimal space.

    Arriving on the second floor from a floating metal stair, the visitor discovers the RoboCafe. Dynamic digital content backdrops a robotic arm that creates customized coffees, a warm welcome to an art space that features the multimedia works of artist Liu Di.

    Behind the Robocafe, in the dominant window display of the second floor, is an artwork inspired by the works of Cixin Liu. This artwork entitled “Manifesto Stone of Autonomous Vehicles” is a pulsing futuristic expression of the possibilities of Jidu and the technologies of tomorrow.

    Following the Robocafe is an art space that can transform into an event space through adaptable sliding walls, breathing and flexing with the needs of the brand and the store, including a multimedia room that provides a rich immersive driving experience of the Robo-Car.

    A modular digital fixture becomes an experiential zone where visitors can discover the Jidu lifestyle through purchasable accessories, introducing the ROBOVERSE into the user’s daily life. The furniture throughout these spaces act as technological extensions of Jidu’s vision for a digital future.

    The dynamism of the Robo-Car is everywhere in this Jidu ROBOVERSE Sanlitun Experience Center. Digital reflections, futuristic aesthetics, adaptable spaces, and interactive metaverses represent the spirit and forward thinking of the Jidu brand. A wide and diverse team of experts across creative industries collaborated alongside Gensler to generate a truly one-of-a-kind experience in Beijing and China, setting a new benchmark for the possibilities of retail.

    At the launch of the Jidu ROBOVERSE Sanlitun Experience Center, an exclusive art exhibition area was created by the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA), emerging artists Guo Ruiwen and Liu Di for the experience space, opening up more avant-garde lifestyle imagination. Users can also generate their own digital symbiote avatar through the collection applet, perceive the intimate human-machine relationship through a variety of interactive means, experience human-machine empathy, and obtain the unique experience of the digital universe linking the physical space.

    The Sanlitun Experience Center of the Automotive Robot Universe, as the entrance to the digital world of Jidu, will bring innovative experiences to users online and offline, creating a “fourth type of space” that integrates the digital world and reality.

    “The future of retail is about delivering experiences and designing spaces for social connections,” said Richard Chang, Retail Practice Area Leader and Studio Director at Gensler Shanghai. “The key is creating space as a multi-sensory ecosystems with a digital first mindset, which allows consumers to experience a continuous flow of information between the physical and digital worlds. At Gensler, we are seeing a design trend for environmental psychology, which will undoubtedly transform retail experience in the next chapter”

    Photo Credits: ©Charlie Xia


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