• MIECF creates “Green New World” by Promoting Green Enterprises

    22 March 2017

    (19 March 2017, Macao) Since its inception in 2008, the Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum and Exhibition (MIECF) has been a platform for co-operation across the Pan-Pearl River Delta Region (9+2), and has enhanced Macao’s role as a service platform for business and trade co-operation between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries. Over the past nine years, MIECF has also acted as a ‘green platform’, in order to promote environmental awareness  and to create for enterprises fresh business opportunities relating to green issues.


    During its first nine years, more than 4,000 “Green Matching” sessions were held at MIECF’s business matching area, with more than 240 co-operation projects signed. Of these, more than 80 percent have been implemented. During this period, many local enterprises have successfully improved their own ‘hardware’ and ‘software’, contributing to the creation of a “Green New World”.

    Wong Cheong Hong, whose company operates in the business of renewable resources products and raw materials created from waste, said this year was not only the 10th edition of MIECF, but also the 10th anniversary of his company. Reviewing the previous years, Mr Wong said the company had – via participation in MIECF – effected the purchase of advanced recycling equipment and other environment-friendly technology from South East Asian countries. Over the years, some local hotels had been invited to participate in MIECF’s Procurement activity, and Mr Wong’s company had benefited from such arrangements. The company had already reached co-operation agreements with some local hotels for the recycling of resources, leading to the recycling of more than 14,000 tonnes of material. Such business provided an annual turnover of about MOP35 million last year. Mr Wong agreed that MIECF had played an important role as a ‘green platform’, linking the Pan-Pearl River Delta Region and the international environmental protection industry.

    Via its participation in MIECF, Mr Wong’s company had been able to create its own brand image and make use of the latest international standards, thus widening the scope of the business and creating more opportunities for co-operation. Mr Wong said he also believed that the exhibition could encourage the development of the environmental protection sector and attract more people to join it. Giving his company as an example, Mr Wong said he had only four staff at launch, but noted it now employed more than 40. Mr Wong added he would strongly encourage local environmental companies to participate in MIECF.

    Eddy Chan, whose company took part in MIECF for the first time last year, said the event was not only useful, in order to promote the company’s brand, but also useful for promoting the products and services it offers. He stated that in particular, a patented aerospace technology – developed by a state-owned aerospace enterprise – used for the production of aerospace pipeline that the company distributes, had attracted a lot of attention. Since September 2016, several companies from Portuguese-speaking Countries had also made inquiries regarding the products. In 2016, guided tours of the event were introduced for representatives of the procurement divisions of government departments. This had contributed to increasing the interaction between the exhibiting companies and governmental departments.

    Mr Chan noted that MIECF played a key role as a ‘green platform’, which is why the company decided to continue its participation this year. The company would have more booths at this year’s edition of MIECF, he said. Aside from continuing to showcase the pipeline pipes produced using the patented aerospace technology, the company would also increase the range of green building materials on display this year. Mr Chan stated the company was seeking – via participation in MIECF – suitable partners in the Pan-Pearl River Delta Region able to jointly complete the development of green semi-finished products.

    Patrick Kang, whose company has taken part in five editions of MIECF, said is the company acts as an agent for Japanese and German brands of kitchenware, bathroom building materials, flooring solutions and curtains. The company is also engaged in business of organic farming. Thanks to participation in MIECF, the company has reached an agency agreement relating to organic farming with a Hong Kong company. At the same time, a number of hotels had also purchased the company’s products for indoor organic farming. Through MIECF, the company had also been able to sign several co-operation projects with real estate enterprises. Mr Kang stated that MIECF had contributed to promoting green development, adding that the event acted as a ‘green business platform’ for exchanges between companies and for these companies to introduce environment-friendly products to potential customers.

    The 2017 Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum and Exhibition (2017MIECF) will be held in Macao from 30 March to 1 April 2017, under the theme “Innovative Green Development for a Sustainable Future”. The activities during the 2017MIECF include a “Green Showcase”, several Green Forums and a “Green Public Day”.

    For further information about 2017MIECF, please visit the official website:





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