• Pomeroy Studio unveil plan for Newpark commercial project in southern Malaysia

    15 January 2015

    Green design practice Pomeroy Studio has unveiled plans for an “eco-township” located in the 100-year-old Malaysian city of Kluang.

    Pomeroy Studio

    Newpark will be the biggest masterplanned commercial project in Kluang and seeks to balance 21st century trade and education with green living. It will host a diverse mix of uses that will mark the town’s evolution from a centre for palm oil production to a destination for vocational education and trade.

    A central part of the masterplan, The Promenade, is a park that draws inspiration from the Gunung Lambak hills that form a backdrop to the town. The Promenade will connect an expo and trade centre, an education hub, serviced apartments, a 250-room business-class hotel and associated convention facilities, shops, offices, a business park and housing. The Promenade promises to be a “zero energy public realm” that will generate enough energy to offset the infrastructure needs. The developer is Majupadu Development Sdn Bhd.


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