• Practicality and Permeability are Key to Novel Resin Finish

    1 September 2015

    One of the great successes in the construction sector has been Ronacrete, and the bonding and repair innovators have a novel resin mix for routinely trafficked outdoor areas. Ronadeck Resin Bound Surfacing is a resin-bound aggregate pavement for pedestrian and vehicle surfaces. The company says the surfacing mix is best suited to decorative and functional applications and in particular where BEAM credits are required for permeable pavements and locally manufactured products.

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    When used as directed and applied over a continuous stable substrate, such as concrete or tarmac, the finished product can be installed seamlessly without joints.

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    Ingeniously, the marginally pliant surface is also water permeable. An open matrix structure allows water to drain through onto the substrate and with proper attention to substrate design through to the water-table rather than direct to storm drains., This removes the threat of flooding or slipping from excess water on the surface whilst feeding surrounding trees and plants as nature intended.

    The resin binder developed by Ronacrete is UV stable and more than one-third of the binder is made from renewable biomass.

    The finished product is visually appealing, with a range of natural aggregate blends based on natural and artificial stones, and choices of tints that include options like glow-in-the-dark, flourescence and light reactive finishes that together can be tailored to order. Since the product’s release more than a decade ago, it has found many applications in Britain, Ronacrete’s home base; in car parks, on promenade decks, urban footpaths, shopping centres and garden paths.

    At Shepherds Bush Green in London, Ronadeck was responsible for what is believed to be the largest single permeable paving project in Britain of more than 7,500 square metres. Other well-received projects have been outdoor areas at Lord’s Cricket Ground, Newmarket Racecourse, Twickenham Rugby Football Club, Birmingham University, schools, hospitals and holiday parks.

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    While this is a relatively new product to the Chinese market, Rondeck has been successfully installed across Asia since 2012. The Hong Kong Housing Authority installed the finish in the Community Garden Facility in Hung Shui Kiu housing development earlier this year. At the Rodrigues Court a Hong Kong University property in Pokfulam, the use of the product on the ground floor building entrances were perfect complements to the surrounding environment.

    Perhaps the most significant innovation this product brings to the market is its ability to withstand extreme rainfall and remain non-slip in all conditions, something Hong Kong’s pedestrians will be grateful for.


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