• QBA Quality Transcends Time

    7 July 2010

    Jointly organised and awarded by nine local professional bodies, the biennial Quality Building Award is a prestigious accolade which recognises the contribution of building teams from different sectors of the construction industry in their outstanding projects both locally and outside Hong Kong.

    “Quality Transcends Time” is the visionary theme of this year’s Quality Building Award, which underscores the importance of quality in construction projects.

    I am particularly impressed by the comprehensive judging criteria chosen in selecting the Quality Building Award 2010. A holistic approach is adopted in assessing a wide range of key areas of activities, including innovation and practicality of the building designs, whole-life value of the built environment and post-occupancy evaluation. No doubt, building projects that have fulfilled all these judging criteria and come out on top are exemplars of quality buildings.

    In addition to constructing new buildings, there is also growing public interest in the retrofitting of old buildings, for the purpose of preserving and revitalising historic buildings or optimizing the use of industrial buildings on a more sustainable basis. I am pleased to note that there are special awards on Historical Revitalisation Development and Environmental and Construction Technologies that have given due recognition to these developments.

    The Government’s recent initiatives on heritage conservation and revitalisation of industrial buildings will stand to benefit from the innovation and quality in construction methods and technologies. These efforts will in turn meet public aspirations on conservation and sustainability. In addition, the Hong Kong Green Building Council was established last year to champion the advancement of the green and sustainable building technologies through experience sharing and industry-wide collaboration.
    I would like to congratulate all the award-winners for their continuous endeavours in the pursuit of quality buildings and wish this event a great success.

    ION Orchard is a joint venture development between two of Asia’s most influential property developers and mall managers, Singapore’s Capitaland and Hong Kong’s Sun Hung Kai Properties.Officially opened to the public on 21 July 2009, the 87, 486 m2 retail mall represents a significant expansion of Singapore’s public sphere, providing both internal and external spaces to be enjoyed by all. ION Orchard stands as a model of design and innovation, conceived as an urban seed that will lead to the dynamic re-imagination of Orchard Road, bringing forth a new urban realm to the city centre. Inspired by the site’s antecedents as an orchard, the development relates to the place creating an exhilarating environment for residents, tourists, and visitors alike.

    For ION Orchard, the design and intention was to introduce a space that extended beyond commercial value and the traditional model of a retail centre. By linking all visual elements to the site – drawing on the imagery of the natural environment and Singapore itself, the development has been tied to the place, bringing it closer to the people by including grand civic gestures and new, flexible public places.

    Ultimately, by designing with a keen commercial sensibility and vibrant innovative architecture, the development has made a meaningful urban contribution as a destination at the heart of Singapore.
    Since opening, ION Orchard has become a landmark destination in Singapore, achieving international acclaim and setting a benchmark in the retail, architecture and construction industries.


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