• Reveal 2 Exhibition – For the City. For the Community + − × ÷

    29 August 2016

    (8 August 2016, Hong Kong) To celebrate the 60th anniversary, The Hong Kong Institute of Architects will present the spotlight event of its 60th Anniversary celebration: REVEAL 2 Exhibition – For the City. For the Community. + − × ÷ from 10th September, 2016 to 7th October, 2016 at the ArtisTree, Taikoo Place. In its second return, REVEAL 2 Exhibition aims to showcase the close ties between architect and community at the forefront.  Over 90 HKIA members will present their talents and creativities in all aspects across multi-media channels.

    Exhibit Image03_ Chan Yiu Kwan and team

    REVEAL Returns To Show Architects’ Social Intention  

    HKIA organized the first REVEAL Exhibition 2013 for members artworks, the exhibition successfully showcased the multi-talents of local architects and attracted more than 17,000 visitors during the whole period. REVEAL 2 Exhibition aims to bring forth the contribution of Hong Kong architects towards the society and the architectural industry (please refer to the appendix). Apart from interactive workshops, Outside ArtisTree, a newly extended area this year, will display different forms and sizes of artworks. Also, architects can explore and exhibit the possibilities of how they can implement architecture, to shape a positive and vibrant community, and to show their contribution and positive impacts towards Hong Kong society in the past 60 years.

    基本 CMYK

    Ms. Corrin Chan, the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of REVEAL 2 Exhibition remarks that “the exhibition is not in a one way to express our talents and views, instead it is a campaign that local architects could showcase their engagement to the community, their contribution to the society, and close relationship they built with human beings. This exhibition is vital because it offers an interactive platform for ideas exchange between exhibitors and public visitors.  Through the processes of + − × ÷, they will demonstrate a range of creative and unconventional works that propose unique insights to new interpretations of the city, alternative forms of living; and creative ideas that value chosen concerns such as justice, equality, participation, sharing and sustainability.”

    Mr. Tony Ip, the leader of the Curatorial Team of REVEAL 2 Exhibition says “The exhibition is divided into four zones – Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.  Using these basic operations as catalysts, the exhibits in each zone take on a different perspective of interpretation of our city. Besides, an additional zone – Capturing, reveals multi-faceted artistic talents.”

    New Extension To Outside ArtisTree Interactive Workshops Free for Public

    The exhibition will be divided into: Inside ArtisTree, Art Room and Outside ArtisTree, the newly extended area this year, to display different forms and sizes of artworks. A series of interactive events will also be organized for the public to meet with the architects via free seminars, movie show and workshops. Further event details will be announced in August.

    Mr. Vincent Ng, JP, President of The Hong Kong Institute of Architects says “In this past 60 years, HKIA has witnessed the local community changes and city development and we has built an energetic community. We believe that this exhibition will provide a common ground for the public to gain an in-depth understanding of our works and show our care to the community.’

    Exhibit Image_Chan Lai Kiu

    The grand opening ceremony of REVEAL 2 Exhibition – For the City. For the Community. + − × ÷ will take place on 9th September  by Mrs. Carrie Lam, GBS, JP, the Chief Secretary for Administration of the Government of the HKSAR., who is also an Honorary Member of HKIA.  Exhibition will be opened to public from 10th  September to 7th October, 2016 at ArtisTree, 1/F, Cornwall House, TaiKoo Place. Free admission for public.

    REVEAL 2 Exhibition – For the City. For the Community. + − × ÷ is solely organized by The Hong Kong Institute of Architects, while event venue is sponsored by Swire Properties Limited.


    The Official website of REVEAL 2  – For the City. For the Community + − × ÷ www.hkia.net/reveal/2016

    The Official website of HKIA 60th Anniversary Celebration Program: www.hkia.net/60anniversary




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