• Steamy Forecasts 2015. KOKET’s Home Decorating Colour Report

    20 August 2015

    Steamy Forecasts 2015. KOKET’s Home Decorating Colour Report. Delight your readers with KOKET’s steamy color forecasts for 2015. Imagine the most exquisite, feminine, provocative interiors, and that’s where you’ll find KOKET’s luxurious pieces of furniture and soft goods.

    TOP 5 Colour Trends 2015:

    Yellow Incanto

    Enticing Yellow

    Enticing Yellow

    Even the happiest of colours becomes renovated when adorning a fluid gracious piece of furniture which sole desire is to be noticed. Don’t be fooled by its luminosity, it may surprise you even in the most neutral interiors.

    INCANTO | Bench / Bar Stool  – Enticing simplicity is exemplified in this fluid and gracious bench.

    Spark in the Night

    Amidst a dark cold night, suddenly appears the brilliance and promises of the brightest stars that illuminate the sky. Dark intense blue blended with a bright plated gold for is our suggestion for interiors with hints of mystery, desire and brilliance.

    CHANDRA | Dining Chair – Chandra is both bold and daring. The modern edge in this chair exudes the feeling of vintage glam. While polished brass bands delicately bind the chair highlighting the sculpted fluidity of the tight back satin upholstery.

    Eternal Emerald

    Blue Chandra Dining

    Spark in the Night

    Representing lust, wealth but also the purity of nature, the emerald green is one of the top steamy color trends for 2015. Fitting for sophisticated and contemporary private spaces and hotel lobbies.

    BESAME | Chair  – The succulent lines of the lips have sensuously captivated cultures for ages. Besame’s soft, plump curves will have you lusting for a moment of passion. Be embraced by this fully upholstered chair that sits puckered atop a textured brass ring base.

    Sophisticated Cream

    An all-cream monochromatic plot that complements the most exquisite of the interiors with the elegance and sophistication demanded from a colour that pursues purity, peace and innocence.

    VAMP | Sofa – Sexy, mysterious and uninterrupted lines give this sofa highly acclaimed glamour. Upholstered in lux velvet, cast antique aged brass metal resembling a thorn bush branch serves as a base to a sumptuously lounge sofa.

    Crazy Beautiful Fuchsia

    And because craziness is part of every woman’s life, we suggest fuchsia as the best colour to represent the feminine personality, provocation and love in decoration.

    CAPRICHOSA | Sofa – Flirty and unpredictable like a modern woman, the Caprichosa’s voluptuous sofa design mimics a woman’s most desirable curves. Fitted like a little black dress in lux black velvet upholstery fabric and resting on dainty brass feet.


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