• Substantially Urban

    14 May 2020

    URBAN PROJECTS: a boutique architectural practice working on a large scale throughout Southeast Asia and beyond. Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Hong Kong’s Central Business District, the practice has delivered multiple projects since inception covering commercial, hospitality, cultural & residential typologies.


    The practice directors honed their skills during previous tenures with large corporate architectural practices in the USA, Europe and latterly, Asia. It was the mission of URBAN PROJECTS’ founding partners to take the positive characteristics of these dynamic organisations and translate this into a more personal ‘boutique’ style of practice. The practice has taken a calculated approach to limiting its growth as a physical business in order to maintain control and individual responsibility for each project which passes through the studio.

    URBAN PROJECTS has eschewed ‘style’ in favour of ‘substance’. The practice has placed emphasis on understanding the physical and cultural context of any project before embarking on the journey towards an appropriate design solution.

    The ‘physical’ aspects of the site, including topographical context, natural features, orientation, view, privacy etc. will all be keys to the development of a responsive model. URBAN PROJECTS has layered onto this a holistic vision for the sustainable development of a site, minimising impact on the environment and also the concept of ‘WELL’ design – enhancing the internal environment of the building for the welfare of its occupants & users.

    The future looks bright for URBAN PROJECTS

    Any successful project is ultimately the result of teamwork. To this end URBAN PROJECTS has assembled a group of like-minded consultants in landscape architecture, interior design, specialist engineering and environmental design to enhance and strengthen the practice’s output. This ‘network’ of consultants allows URBAN PROJECTS to deliver projects on a far larger scale than most practices smaller in size would contemplate.

    The practice is currently expanding from its roots in Hong Kong and the People’s Republic of China.

    Projects in India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Africa are currently on the drawing board. The firm also has a presence in Europe, opening a satellite office in the UK in 2017 focused on sustainable residential design.

    URBAN PROJECTS, a WELL brand for the future…

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