• The new Bentley Mulsanne – Pure Luxury!

    19 May 2010

    A compelling fusion of sportiness, solidity and coach-built elegance created on a grand scale heralds the arrival of the new Mulsanne, the first flagship car to be independently designed by Bentley in nearly 80 years. 

    Bentley craftsmanship has resulted in a bespoke Mulsanne work of art. A nine-week building process, including a marathon 170-hours totally dedicated to crafting the opulent interiors, has resulted in the creation of a refined and luxurious cabin. 

    Named after the legendary corner at Le Mans and requiring 125 man-hours to create, the Mulsanne embodies British heritage and craftsmanship and features a totally re-engineered 6 3/4-litre V8 engine providing immense power with maximum speed of 512PS (505 bhp/377kW) and torque (1020 Nm/752 lb ft) that is the culmination of years of engineering excellence and technological expertise underlining Bentley’s sporting heritage and passion for power and speed. 

    Incorporating the latest technologies, the Mulsanne features a multimedia system with 60GB hard disc drive, satellite navigation, audio/video, telephone and Bluetooth® connectivity. The upper dashboard houses an 8-inch multimedia screen, together with a state-of-the-art 14-speaker audio system with 2200 watts and 20 custom-made speakers, delivering customers unparalleled sound quality. 

    The use of wood and leather hides creates a refined and luxurious cabin, while classic design features, such as bulls-eye air vents, mirror-matched wood veneers, leather hides and hand-finished stainless steel are mixed with new touches, such as beautiful ‘glass’ switches. 

    The entire Mulsanne cabin is encased within a ‘ring of wood’ waistrail with an unbroken panel of walnut wood gracing the dashboard. Bentley uses burr walnut at the end of its productive life and refuses to bleach woods, preferring instead to use a veneering process that takes up to two weeks for each car.

    The curing process alone takes three days, followed by painstaking sanding and polishing to achieve a flawless finish on the leaves. Only then can a final coat of wax be applied and buffed to create that clear glass shine.

     The cross-banding is still cut by hand and Bentley is the only car manufacturer to use “mirror matching” when applying the veneer, placing successive leaves end-to-end to make a perfect symmetrical pattern down the centre line of the car. The end result is an exquisite and unique look.  

    True to the Bentley ethos, customers may also select from a virtually unlimited palette of leather hides, including 24 ‘standard’ colours, of which three are new for Bentley. A traditional tanning process has also been re-instated to match the rich, worn leather smell that is so evocative of vintage Bentleys. Only a very few hide suppliers worldwide have the capability to do this. 

    The carpet is also unique to Bentley, with increased fibre-depth, density and feel enhancing cabin quality. Pure wool, deep pile, Wilton-weave over mats adds a further touch of comfort and luxury. 

    Each exquisite material incorporated within the new Bentley Mulsanne interior is fashioned by craftsmen and women with up to 40 years’ experience.

    Each steering wheel can take 15 hours to hand-stitch, while stainless steel bright ware gleams so perfectly thanks to an intensive 10-hour finishing process and a wood veneer takes five weeks to turn from a rough root ball into a full set of mirror-matched, fine-polished leaves. 

    The new Mulsanne – Pure Bentley!


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