• Times Square International Lion Dance Festival

    20 June 2017

    (19 June 2017, Hong Kong) The lion dance is a form of folk performing art which has been popular among Hong Kong people since the mid-19th century. Commonly seen in Chinese festive celebrations, the lion dance is traditionally performed to bring luck and drive away evil spirits. It is also employed to please the gods and entertain people alike. Today, the lion dance has transformed from a form of entertainment into a sporting spectacle. In recent years, lion dance teams and talents have emerged in many countries around the world as the popular Chinese tradition goes international.

    The International Lion Dance Elite Invitation Tournament was held successfully on 17 June (Sat), with the coach of each lion dance team to form a judge panel. The tournament was marvelous with leading lion dance teams worldwide gathering to showcase their skills.

    The tournament Result is as follows:


    Long Tian Pugilistic Dragon & Lion Dance Troupe ─ Singapore 新加坡龍田武術龍獅團 (9.18  points)


    First Runner-up:
    Keung’s Dragon & Lion Dance Team – Hong Kong香港姜氏金龍醒獅團 (9.16  points)


    Second Runner-up:
    Khuan Loke Dragon & Lion Dance Association ─ Malaysia 馬來西亞群樂體育會 (9.11 points)


    Third Runner-up:
    Hong Wai Sports and Recreations Association ─ Macau 澳門鴻威文娛體育會 (9.10 points)






    Natural and Organic: Red Dunes Playtopia Video credit: CHENIN Studio

    World Architecture Festival 2022 took place in Lisbon, the 2023 edition will hold from 29 Nov - 1 Dec at Singapore.


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