• A lighting exhibition by Chi-yung Wong

    11 August 2012

    Currently on at agnès b.’s Librairie Gallerie in Wan Chai is the latest exhibition from Hong Kong media artist Chi-yung Wong.

    Entitled Les Lumières Imaginaires, this exhibition was conceived as a reflection of the seemingly contradictory qualities of light, being unobtrusive yet invasive, intangible yet primitive to our minds.

    “It takes 8.333 minutes for sunlight to reach our earth. Most stars we see at night no longer exist, it’s just the light streaming from the last explosion which happened millions of years ago. Senses are the media whereby we make sense of our environment, but how reliable are they? How can we be so sure ‘now’ is ‘now?” asks the artist whose works now draw large and growing crowds in Hong Kong.

    Wong explores the ideas of the Big Bang, parallel universes and the influences of the enlightenment period into his own personal imaginarium that creates a mysterious alternative reality. Composers Pierre Faa, Steve Hui, Martin and Tôn-Thất An were invited to compose the music specially for the exhibition which runs through to September.  

    For more information write to [email protected].


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