• AECOM celebrates opening of the longest bridge in Southeast Asia

    29 April 2014

    AECOM Technology Corporation recently celebrated the official opening of Second Penang Bridge in Malaysia – the longest bridge in Southeast Asia.

    Aecom CKS_Panorama1AECOM has played a key role in partnering with the contractor to deliver an innovative structure designed to withstand the severe seismic stress of a once-every-2,500-year earthquake. Second Penang Bridge is a 24-kilometer bridge linking the Penang Island and the Malaysia Peninsula and is the largest civil engineering project in the past 20 years in the region.

    It consists of precast segmental concrete marine viaducts in 55-meter span modules and a cast in-situ concrete cable-stayed bridge measuring 475 meters.

    A special aspect of the project involved applying intelligent construction engineering techniques to enable successful erection of the 240-meter main span cable-stayed bridge over the main navigation channel.In addition to its large size, this RM4.5-billion project pioneered new construction methods to minimize the risk caused by seismic activity near the Sunda tectonic plate, including the use of 2-meter-diameter bored piles founded to a depth in excess of more than 120 meters for the cable-stayed bridge,and the use of high-damping rubber bearings for seismic isolation of the marine viaducts.

    More information at: www.aecom.com.


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