• Anti-heat Stress Construction Uniforms Enhance Work Comfort

    28 September 2016

    (7 September 2016, Hong Kong) The Construction Industry Council (CIC) today held the Press Conference on Anti-heat Stress Construction Uniforms at the Construction Industry Resource Centre, aiming to introduce the latest technology and materials of the newly invented anti-heat stress construction uniforms (Uniforms) and how to enhance the comfort of construction industry workers in hot climates and work safety.

    The new procurement arrangement was also announced at the press conference. A catwalk show demonstrating the new Uniforms was performed by Construction Industry Ambassadors and CIC full-time course graduates.

    In 2011, the Development Bureau, the Construction Industry Council, the Hong Kong Construction Association and the Hong Kong Construction Industry Employees General Union formed the Four-parties Uniform Working Group and launched the first construction worker uniforms in yellow, aiming to enhance the image of the construction industry and to strengthen the team spirit. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) carried out studies and designed the anti-heat stress construction uniforms for construction workers.During July and August 2014, the CIC assisted PolyU in testing the Uniforms at its training grounds. The Uniforms received support from the trainees, which were considered as cool, dry, and comfortable without impediment of work performance.

    Sr CHAN Ka-kui, Chairman of the CIC said, “The CIC has always been committed to promoting the care and safety culture in the construction industry. As our local construction workers work outdoors for long hours under hot and humid climate, the CIC has been working closely with the Department of Building and Real Estate of PolyU to develop the anti-heat stress construction uniforms, hoping to improve the comfort of frontline workers during work, and to reduce the chance of heat stroke.”

    To encourage industry stakeholders using the Uniforms, the CIC has streamlined the procurement process. The entire purchase process only involves three steps: order & payment, manufacturing and delivery. Customers can place orders and make payment directly to the Uniform Supplier. The CIC will further enhance the promotion of the Uniforms to the target groups, including contractors and sub-contractors of the construction industry.

    Professor Albert CHAN, Head of Department of Building and Real Estate of PolyU stated that the Uniforms are made from Coolmax fabric and a new generation of moisture-management textiles made from nano-materials. The advantages of the technology include: improve the fabric breathability, speed up sweat evaporation, help construction workers reduce heat and humidity stress at work, as well as provide better UV protection to construction workers.

    PolyU entered into an agreement with the CIC on 1 April 2015 to license the technology of the anti-heat stress construction uniform to the latter. Taking into consideration that the technology concerned would benefit construction workers via non-profit making promotion by the CIC, PolyU has licensed it to the CIC for a nominal value of HK$1 as a service to the community. At the same time, the CIC would sub-license the technology of the anti-heat stress uniform to other stakeholders of the construction industry for the same nominal fee. This arrangement would ensure the uniforms be fabricated under the specification provided by PolyU, meeting the required standards while enabling a wider use of the uniforms.



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