• Johnson Controls Releases Extended Fire Alarm Control Panel Range

    28 September 2017

    (2 August 2017, Milwaukee) Johnson Controls is pleased to launched its innovative PROFILE Flexible range of modular fire alarm control panels. Enhancing its existing ZETTLER PROFILE range, Johnson Controls has developed the new panels to provide advanced flexibility and usability, ease of installation and significant cost saving benefits.

    The new range of PROFILE Flexible panels contain a slot card mechanism which allows it to be tailored to specific end user needs, by offering approximately 50 different options to build the most economical system. To reduce the total cost of ownership, PROFILE Flexible panels contain backwards and forwards compatibility, which ensures that they can be easily integrated with fire panels that use ZETTLER’s MZX fire detection technology platform. This makes upgrading from existing systems efficient and cost effective.

    These panels provide increased loop power to meet the demand for visual alarms as well as traditional audible alarms. With one amp of power per loop, system designers can allocate 250 addresses to a single high power loop, or share resources across two shared power loops. This level of optimisation can significantly reduce total system installation costs.

    Users can also combine the high powered and shared powered loops to enable their system to be designed in line with the layout of their building. This maximises loop power usage and prevents wastage.

    ZETTLER PROFILE Flexible panel from Johnson Controls

    PROFILE Flexible panels have the capacity to support 4000 addresses per panel and up to 99 panels per network, which makes it possible to expand the system and further reduces the total system installation cost, as additional panels do not need to be installed. When a business’ requirements change, the capabilities of PROFILE Flexible panels can be expanded through the slot card mechanism and future upgrades can be managed.

    Another key benefit of this new range is user operability. PROFILE Flexible panels offer a multilingual touchscreen user interface with touch sensitive status LEDs. These have been ergonomically engineered to facilitate ease of operation, as users can access event summary information in just one tap. Operation of the touch screen is possible with or without gloves, meaning the systems can be used in a wide range of environments.

    Stephen Bennett, Senior Global Product Manager for ZETTLER Fire Detection, said: “As technology revolutionises the construction industry, buildings are now smarter, providing greater flexibility to occupants based on their needs. As a world leader in the design and manufacture of fire detection products, Johnson Controls has built a control panel for the future that will evolve alongside building design requirements.

    “The new PROFILE Flexible range combines high performance with ease of use, and its innovative features bring lifetime cost benefits to end users. The systems are easy to install, configure and use and they provide the system designer with a wide range of practical engineering solutions.

    “Highly resistant to electrical noise and common false alarm triggers, the PROFILE control panels can operate effectively in the harshest of environments. However, they are equally suited to aesthetically pleasing environments through their state-of-the-art design and mounting options. Its level of flexibility and range of customisable features makes the PROFILE Flexible range a valuable long-term investment.”


    To find out more about the PROFILE Flexible range, visit http://www.tycofpp.com/zettler-profile-flexible.




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