• Eco school project – Kaohsiung city, Taiwan

    26 August 2012

    Green Building Award 2012 – Merit – New Building CategoryCompleted Building: Asia Pacific 

    Eco school project, Morakot post-disaster reconstruction by Delta Electronics Foundation – Ming-Chuan Elementary School, Namasia District, Kaohsiung city,

    “This case strikes a challenge for Bio architecture Formosana. We would need to listen to what the Nature trying to tell us given this background. To start, taking a leaf from the way people used to build structures. There was a lot of common sense in those times and a knack for finding innovative ways of protecting against nature by letting the ecology and geology of the area do the hard work for you.

    The main building, thus, receive transformation from Bunun Tribe / Zou Zu tribe pattern. Extended from the concept of traditional residence, the school is designed to give a sense of “HOME”. School library; located right in the center of school, is budded from Zou Zu male gathering center, symbolizing the impartation of generational wisdom, adding to it the modern role of knowledge transmission functionality. We give it a stramonium facet, which we could find it everywhere alongside the road to Civil Right Platform, this look benefits the accessibility of students usages and later on will be a center nourishes the reading culture for the community as well. 

    Not to reconstruct the past, we are trying to build the future.

    The school aggressively uses clean energy like no others in Taiwan, 6 of 3 KW wind turbines generates estimated volume of 18KW, which will account for 5% of school substitute power. BIPV solar power system, generating estimated volume of 10.5 KW, will account for another 12%. It was set under consideration of alternative shelter usage, where we wish wind and solar power will supplement the use of electricity during typhoon season. In regular days, energy monitoring system, displaying figures of power usage and clean energy generation, is helping teachers and students aware of the importance of energy-saving, part of energy education.

    Upon covering with the context of local environment and culture, combining energy-saving technologies, it is the future we would like for sustainable architecture, and importantly, eco school practice,” Siraya Studio – Environmental /Ecology Consultant.

    More information on Green Building Award 2012 at www.gba.hk.


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