• HKIA 60th Anniversary Celebration “60 Years of Designing Hong Kong”

    11 January 2016

    (Hong Kong, 5th January, 2016) – The Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA) has been committed to promote architectural excellence and uphold professional industry standard and practices since its establishment in 1956. To celebrate HKIA 60th Anniversary in 2016, Mr. Vincent NG, JP, President of HKIA todayrevealed 2016 highlighted celebration activities under the theme of “60 Years of Designing Hong Kong”. He hopes the public would get to know more about Hong Kong architects’ work and their contributions to the community.


    To celebrate the 60years of HKIA, the Institutewill be organizing a series of campaigns under the theme of “60 Years Designing Hong Kong” under which the Institute will continue to uphold creative architectural design, to present the dynamic of the city, to connect with the community with care and to touch the heart and soul of Hong Kong people. Mr. Vincent NG, JP, President of HKIA recalls the architectural industry in past 60 years and forecasts the future trend and opportunities of architects. “We have witnessed the local and social changes of Hong Kong in the past 60 years. In this year, a series of celebration activities are going to be organized to share more about local outstanding architectural achievements. Meanwhile, we would like to encourage more Hong Kong architects to present their creativities and more Hong Kong young architects to contribute to our society throughout the events and activities.”

    Creativity + Interactive Architectural Exhibition and Workshop  

    Connecting to Community with Heart

    As a pioneer program of HKIA 60th Anniversary celebrations, the Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\ Architecture 2015 (UABB) has been launched under the theme of “Visions 2050- Lifestyle and the City” in mid-December 2015. During the 3-month exhibition, the public has the opportunity to review the various kinds of culture in Hong Kong and to conceive the local development in the next 25 years. In order to recognize and praise the most iconic buildings in the past 60 years, the Institute is going to create a special 60th Anniversary Award Exhibition in the flagship HKIA Annual Awards in this year. HKIA Annual Awards 2015 & Exhibition + 60th Anniversary Award Exhibition will display hundreds of the most outstanding and distinguished awards winning projects and to recall the social contribution of local architects.

    Moreover, ArtisTree Exhibition 2016 will be held again in this year. More than a hundred of HKIA members will present their talents in creativities in all aspects through multi-media channels. HKIA will also organize interactive workshops to enable the public to have a wide understanding on architects’ work.

    Hong Kong Young Architects Step on Venice Biennale International Architecture Exhibition

    Revealing the World with Creativities

    Apart from promoting local architects’ creativities, HKIA will nominate several young architects to participate in the Venice Biennale International Architecture Exhibition 2016 in May, so to encourage Hong Kong young architects to showcase their own creativities and idea on the international architectural stage.

    Meanwhile, HKIA has formally announced its bid for the 17th Asian Congress of Architects (ACA 17). This is a one week congress which is organized every two years. In September this year, representatives from 19 city members will discuss and share their opinions upon the topic of “Diversity and Growth: The Green Age of Asia” at the ACA 17.


    To commemorate this 60 years establishment of milestone, Mr. Vincent NG, JP, President of HKIA hasrevealed a newly created HKIA 60th Anniversary campaign logo designed by himself.  The logo for HKIA’s 60th Anniversary is designed to present a refreshing image for the Institute. The elements illustrated in the logo symbolize profound meaning. The logo is composed with a combination of traditional drawing tools commonly used by Architects, which include a T-square (“H”), a compass (“K”), a ruler (“I”), and a 60-degree set square (“A”). They come together to form “HKIA” (The Hong Kong Institute of Architects). The years “1956” and “2016” are embossed on the letter “K”. They portray HKIA’s vigorous effort over the past years which will continue to the future. The purple circle on the letter “A” with dynamic brush stroke embodies the festive mood and resounds with the celebrations of the Institute’s 60th anniversary. Joyful colors of the logo also symbolize vitality and dynamism.

    The Official website of HKIA 60th Anniversary Celebration Program:



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