• IBI Officially Launches Building Solutions Limited

    24 February 2021

    (19 February 2021, Hong Kong) IBI Group Holdings Limited (“IBI” or the “Group”; Stock Code: 1547), a building contractor focused on providing renovation services as main contractor for property projects in the private sector in Hong Kong and Macau, has officially announced the launch of its subsidiary, Building Solutions Limited (“BSL” or the “Company”), with the mission to create healthy, productive and efficient environments through the use of innovative and high tech solutions.


    BSL is a solutions provider that offers innovative products and solutions aimed at enhancing the performance and well-being of the built environment. With its focus on air quality and green technologies, BSL believes strongly in improvements based on science, data and a deep sense of caring for the human condition. The Company sources, customises and implements innovative and high-tech solutions to help its clients create healthy and productive environments. Headed by Mr. J S Gan, a leading professional with extensive business experience in Asia and with expertise in innovative technologies, Gan provides practical insights to BSL to expand its market in Asia while upholding the mission to improve human health and productivity.

    Mr. Neil Howard, Chairman and CEO of IBI, said: “It is my honor to present the new subsidiary which marks another significant milestone for the Group. With the presence of BSL, we have tapped into a new market with the ability to offer diversified and innovative products and solutions. We intend to leverage IBI’s reputation and leading position in the building industry to market this new offering and thus provide both entities with the ability to increase their market share in Asia. The Group expects great synergies to be generated between the two parties and is looking forward to increased income for the Group as a BSL has already entered into partnerships with several industry leaders namely Awair, a Silicon Valley based global leader in air quality monitoring and smart sensing technology and Purion, a German based leading market player specialising in the disinfection of air through UV light technology. A diversified products portfolio strengthens BSL’s ability to serve customers with impactful building solutions.

    Adopted by leading global organisations such as Airbnb, Harvard University, Savills and Swire, Awair offers all-in-one environmental sensors, helping users to monitor air quality based on temperature, humidity and air pollutants, data that is key to implementing air quality improvement solutions.

    Purion, a leading provider of UV disinfection technology, provides highly effective and certified equipment which uses Ultraviolet Light (UV) to disinfect air, surfaces and water, killing off microorganisms and countering airborne diseases. The disinfection systems have been used by prominent enterprises including Microsoft, SAP and Max Planck Institute and is currently used in numerous food preparation areas within Europe.

    Leveraging from its cooperation with these industry leaders, BSL is an authorised RESET representative which employs a standard and certification program focused on data quality and actionability for healthy and sustainable built environments. BSL also offers full-scope services that enable clients to monitor air quality in their built environment, solutions to improve indoor air quality, and to RESET certification of space.

    Mr. J S Gan, Co-founder and Managing Director of BSL, said: “Given the rising public awareness of personal and environmental hygiene, we hope to improve people’s living quality by sourcing various wellness equipment and customising building solutions with innovative and high-end technology, aimed at creating healthier environments for end users. With over 20 years of experience and knowledge in setting up successful businesses in related market across Asia, I am thrilled to lead the company through its next phase of growth, assisting our clients to enhance the sustainability, productivity and wellness of the built environment, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

    For further information, please visit hkbsl.com.


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