• Kohler celebrates 145th year anniversary with new astounding collections

    27 June 2018

    ( 25 Jun 2018,Hong Kong ) KOHLER, a global leader in the design and manufacture of kitchen and bath products, celebrates its 145th anniversary this year, marking a historic moment for the plumbing giant that came from humble beginnings. Through the past 145 years, Kohler has carved a path of leading edge design and innovation and has undergone continuous expansion: engines and generators; luxury resort experiences and spas; and tile and decorative products collections.

    Kohler began its journey in the United States as a farming implementation manufacturer in 1873, later becoming the plumbing innovation leader it is known for today. With a presence of six continents, Kohler is known for its bold moves with colors, patterns and singular level of high quality. A familiar name to architects, designer, tradespeople and consumers alike.

    Sensis HK$ TBC

    Since setting up their first Hong Kong office in 1995, Kohler has further marked its legacy through its new retail concept, the Kohler Experience Centers (KEC), that enable customers to experience Kohler’s differentiating features in performance and design of on-site working products including showers, bathtubs, sinks and toilets. Kohler has opened KECs in New York, London, Singapore, Taipei, New Delhi, Los Angeles and Bangkok. Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Dubai will soon follow suit.

    Continuing its tradition of combining intelligence and beauty, Kohler launches the brand-new Sensis intelligent toilet. The sleek and modern design fits smoothly against the wall with all water pipes and electrical fittings out of sight. The fashionable silhouette blends seamlessly with any décor style your home already has, giving you lasting use for years to come. Made of fireresistant V0 plastic, the smooth cream white lacquered is highlighted with an electroplated hammered rose gold base, which brings shine and a touch of luxe to your bathroom.

    More than just a sculptural design piece, Sensis is constructed with a comprehensive water filtration system. Water sprayed from the wand onto the body is purified and filtered out impurities, residual chlorine and heavy metals for a healthier bidet experience. To ensure greater hygiene, the additional sterilization system sanitizes the toilet interior every 24 hours, plus a one-click sanitizing UV light button that activates both E-water and UV light functions to clean the bowl and wand, delivering a modern, streamlined experience to all users.

    Aspire to your next level of kitchen and bathroom units with the PVD faucet. The collection offers eleven shades of silver and gold, ranging from warm brushed tones to brilliant polished hues to complement your personal style and complete your bathroom design.


    PVD Faucet HK$ TBC

    The vibrant finishes and extra firm surface are the result of a state-of-the-art PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) process, created an incredibly strong surface that is scratch and tarnishresistant. As tough as they are beautiful, the PVD finishes are now available for customized colour matching across all categories including faucets, showers, accessories and toilet hinges, giving you complete freedom to build your dream powder room.


    To celebrate Kohler’s 145 years of expertise, Kohler is showcasing their upcoming collections in a large-scale exhibition including Dutchmaster sink, Derring PVD faucet from Artists Editions, SK_Kohler_0645_06_without 


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