• Kplusk Associates Starts Nepal’s Astounding Peace Sanctuary

    31 December 2019

    Hong Kong’s KplusK studio has commenced the build phase of the Mahasiddha Sanctuary for Universal Peace, located on a site adjacent to the sacred gardens surrounding the Mayadevi Temple in Nepal, which demarcates the birthplace of Lord Buddha.

    With the piling of the main sanctuary about to commence, the multi-storey building with a museum for 

    ancient artefacts and contemporary art devoted to world peace, conference hall and lobby, library, and a sanctuary to celebrate the birth place of the Lord Buddha is well underway.

    In November last year, KplusK were appointed as executive architects for the project, which is set within gardens adjacent to a Buddhist monastery and retreat.

    The site is considered one of the holiest spiritual centres of Buddhism. A site for pilgrimage, Lord Buddha was born there in 623 BC and in 1956, the site and a piece of adjacent land were set aside for a masterplan protected as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.



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