• Mumian Chengdu Dong’an Lake to redefine a new leisure and resort destination

    14 June 2023

    Led by Aedas Global Design Principal Kevin Wang, the new leisure destination fronts the Dong’an Lake and backs Longquan Mountains. It is a contemporary resort that integrates hotel, ecology, sports and retail.

    Kevin says, ‘Dong’an Lake is becoming an international gateway incorporating wellness, ecology and corporate image. The hotel thus connects to the developments in the vicinity, creating a unique experience that integrates with the environment.’

    The hotel sits in the centre of the Dong’an Lake Park, next to civic amenities including Shenzhen Universiade Sports Centre, multi-functional stadium and swimming pool. With a prominent yet spacious location, the project is immersed in an urban oasis that connects public transportation to the city.

    The jagged architectural language connects the urban context through a linear spatial planning, shaping a multi-dimensional skyline with the cascading terraces. The public plaza and hotel entrances are connected to the park, enabling an efficient layout and ensuring the ease of accessibility to the hotel.

    A multi-layered podium integrates public spaces, providing a humane leisure and entertainment destination. The hotel consists of 1,250 sq m functional room, which seamlessly links with the park to organise conferences, weddings and events.

    The hotel houses 351 south-facing rooms, optimising each room view with natural landscape and lake. The cascading terraces at the sides create a vibrant architectural form and rooftop gardens. The undulating façade mimics the ripples of Dong’an Lake, glittering like waves under different angles and sunlights.

    A serene atmosphere is created through a lush courtyard and the connection with the nature. The hotel is equipped with all-day-dining restaurant, lobby lounge and rooftop bar, accommodating different needs from different occasions. It also includes wellness amenities of indoor swimming pool, gym and yoga room.

    ‘Humane architectural designs are usually inspired by the nature. We hope to create a tranquil environment for the hotel and a pleasant staying experience through a close connection with the Dong’an Lake and cotton flowers.’ Kevin says.

    Project: Mumian Chengdu Dong’an Lake
    Location: Chengdu, China
    Client: China Resources Land Ltd
    Design Architect: Aedas
    Gross Floor Area: above ground 38,334 sq m, below ground 20,951 sq m
    Design Director: Kevin Wang, Global Design Principal
    Completion Year: 2021
    Photography: Arch-Exist


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