• Polyx Oils – Almost invisible protection for wood

    27 April 2013

    Natural looking wooden flooring is presently on-trend.

    OSMO   polyxoil 3032 canTo meet this trend, Osmo has expanded its world renowned range of Polyx Oil with the new “natural” colour tone for finishing wooden surfaces.

    Based on natural ingredients Polyx Oil “Natural” is micro porous and is perfectly designed for wood and the finish protects the surface form water marks and other liquids such as coffee, wine and fruit juices. Oxi Polyx Hardwax Oil from Osmo fulfills not only the demanding technical requirements for industrially finished flooring but is also environmentally and user friendly.

    Osmo knowingly does without hidden solvents (SVOC) in its products and instead values the use of high quality, refined natural oils and waxes, meaning that the finish is especially low emission during drying. The Oxi Polyx is the first finish worldwide to fulfil long term emissions tests and, because the product is free from benzene, aromatics and terpenes, causes no unpleasant odour during application.

    More information at www.osmo.com  & www.hopzse.com.


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