• PTMA offers striking diversity in contemporary architecture

    4 September 2012

    One of China’s largest foreign owned practices is the driving force in the development of contemporary Chinese architecture.

    Through a striking diversity of projects and a marked disposition consistently focused on innovation, the architects of Peddle Thorp Melbourne Asia (PTMA) have established themselves as a major regional source for ground-breaking architectural designs.

    Founded in 1890, Peddle Thorp Pty Ltd has been one of the largest architectural practices in Australia throughout its history. For over one hundred and twenty years, Peddle Thorp has always been at the forefront of design innovation. Peddle Thorp Melbourne Asia (PTMA) was established 15 years ago in Shenzhen, China as the Asian studio of Melbourne-based Peddle Thorp Architects. PTMA is also part of the larger Peddle Thorp Group, a collaborative of independent practices bearing the Peddle Thorp name.

    With fifteen years experience as an international practice in China, PTMA has grown to include offices in Shanghai and Beijing, and is the largest foreign owned architecture practice in China.

    The firm has completed over 400 projects in China – in 26 different Provinces.

    Their China offices accommodate a quality team of both foreign and Chinese architects with an unmatched knowledge of China’s property markets.

    Originally developing their brand in China through a wealth of world class residential and masterplanning projects, PTMA has since expanded its portfolio into the commercial, retail, health, sports and hospitality sectors utilising its large existing skill base in concert with the International expertise of the group.

    Perhaps no PTMA project has been more awarded or notable than the Portofino development in Shenzhen. The internationally acclaimed residential project is built around a uniquely designed Italian Piazza landscape. The habitat is situated around lake front property and includes cafes restaurants and bars that are open to the public, something quite different to the norm of private gated estates normally found throughout China. Portofino has attracted attention from architects and developers from all over the region and has become a shining example of the possibilities existing within modern Chinese development. Through the incorporation of an urban village feel, this project is said to have changed the historically stagnant pattern of Chinese developments, forever.

    In lieu of a history of innovation PTMA has been awarded with a variety of industry honours and awards. Notable awards include, but are not limited to: Prize for Excellence in Residential Planning for Cote D’Azure, Golden Prize of “Ecology International Garden Estates” for Portofino, and Comprehensive bonus of “2003 Classic Demonstration Building of Chines Residence” for Wildflower Residential Project. Additionally PTMA has received a number of awards for Vanke Village, Misty Mountain (Shenzhen), Xiyuen Garden (Shenzhen), Golden Coast (Hangzhou), and many others.

    Peddle Thorpe’s essence has been that, throughout its history it has been able to service clients locally and efficiently. With the goal for delivering consistently exciting and innovative projects they are dedicated to working with the client as a team. Its goal, as a company, is to become an expert regarding local culture and aspirations, while still being able to deliver the broader global perspective.

    Since launch of its’ Asia office, PTMA has won numerous competitions in China, including the Shenzhen International Tennis Centre, Cote D’Azur Residential Estates, Long Gang International Exhibition Centre, and Water Flower Residential Development. In response to their design of Vanke City Garden, PTMA’s Shenzhen office obtained the highest award in construction engineering; First Prize of Residence Design of the China Ministry of Construction (1999). Vanke City Garden, completed in 1999, set a new benchmark for residential design in Shenzhen. This work, among other projects, has given PTMA a strong market edge and reputation for quality and originality.

    With established offices, including but not limited to Australia, Asia, the Middle East and India, The Peddle Thorp Group has the unique ability to call on experts from all over the world. In collaboration with their international offices, PTMA is able to provide a wide range of international expertise into the Asian region.

    Originally constructed in 2002 and opened to the public in 2004, TEDA Football Stadium provides a shining example of PTMA’s ability to leverage their international design experience in the completion of a project on the mainland. Located in Tianjin, China, the uniquely designed open air TEDA Stadium holds over 37,000 spectators and is home to Tianjin Teda Football Club. In concert with their Melbourne office, PTMA completed this project which has since become a crown jewel of the Tianjin Economic Development Area. As recognition for their work on this project, PTMA is honoured to have received the Lu Ban Award, China’s top building awards, and the Zhan Tian You Award.

    Peddle Thorp Architects in Melbourne are proud to have been involved in the revitalization of Scots’ Church. Since its construction in 1835, Scots’ Church has been a notable architectural landmark in Melbourne. When completed, the expanded complex included a new six star rated building. This rating is the highest achievable mark in the Australian Green Star Rating system. The original gothic style church is made of sandstone and limestone. The designers of the new building complex continued that palate by using sandstone cladding in its lobby and exterior. In order to achieve such an impressive environmental standard, high-performance glass, copper in colour was incorporated. The copper film applied to clear glass is highly transparent, allowing good daily light and providing a thermal shield in summer. In response to varied sunlight intensity, the double-glazed glass turns various copper colours; in the morning, it will be more reflective than in the afternoon.

    With design offices from Melbourne to Qatar and an amazing variety of projects completed throughout the world, PTMA as part of the Peddle Thorp Group has the ability to carry out original designs anywhere. On multiple occasions, Peddle Thorp Architects have designed interiors that have become major corporations’ benchmarked design standards. Two such companies that have incorporated aspects of Peddle Thorp’s designs into their international design benchmark are Hewlett-Packard and General Electric.

    Additionally, the practice has completed a wide variety of sporting venues throughout the world. For example, Peddle Thorp Architects designed five mixed-use stadiums, originally completed for the 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi. The practice has become a prominent designer of world-class aquatic centres and completed projects include Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSEC) and Australian Tennis Open Stadium, Melbourne Park.

    Moreover, PTMA has completed prominent projects in the retail and banking sectors and is currently harnessing their international expertise to help Tiffany and Company, the world renowned jeweller, establish their retail brand presence in China. Additional projects include the Myers Retail Centre in Melbourne, and an office tower banking headquarters in Fuzhou. When hiring PTMA, clients are truly able to embrace the future while living in the practical present. With Peddle Thorp, forward thought and modern design are not merely objectives, but rather intrinsic qualities in their day-to-day operation. For example, PTMA showed commitment to issues of sustainability, long before it was the current industry buzz-word, by designing the first LEED rated building in all of China – Fraser Place Shekou in Shenzhen.

    PTMA believes that sustainability is a part of good design. Strong design practices lead to the natural development of sustainable spaces.

    As both PTMA and the Peddle Thorp Group at large have expanded throughout the world, it is their goal to also help their existing Chinese clients expand into new international markets. Using PTMA’s international network, clients can rely on their experience and local contacts when beginning expansion into new markets, and yet have the comfort of knowing that the firm understands the unique aspirations of a Chinese developer.

    Peddle Thorp Melbourne Asia and its vast base of architects, has a strong belief that design is a collaborative process between client and architect; a process which aims to articulate their client’s aspirations, strategies and values. PTMA has subsisted on the values of pre-eminent, practical and efficient design works. Through an established reputation, cultivated through a consistent dedication to technical reliability, superior resources, advanced computer skills and unique design, Peddle Thorp has been specializing in regional planning and ground-breaking design throughout their history.

    PTMA has been able to help clients create sustainable and financially viable architectural solutions throughout the mainland. The firm is truly both leader and a dynamic force in the development of contemporary Chinese architecture. PTMA’s roots in the developing country of China also allow it to transpose this property development intelligence into other developing countries in the region.

    PTMA is increasingly implementing projects in Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and India. With its strong understanding of creating successful landmark projects in developing nations, in concert with a wealth of International design expertise in all building sectors, the future for PTMA in the Asian region is assured.


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