• Swire Properties tops Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Index in 2020

    15 October 2020

    (15 October 2020, Hong Kong) Swire Properties has ranked number one in the Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Index for the third consecutive year, reinforcing its position as the top sustainability performer in Hong Kong.

    Achieving the highest possible rating of “AAA” and outperforming more than 530 companies, Swire Properties, in particular, rated the highest in three assessment areas: “Environment”, “Community Involvement and Development” and “Consumer Issues”.

    Guy Bradley, Chief Executive of Swire Properties said, “We’re delighted that Swire Properties’ sustainable development work and achievements have once again been recognised. The Company is making good use of innovative technologies and green investment to expand its sustainability capabilities, decarbonise and build the next generation of green buildings. We’re also working very hard to bring positive change to local neighbourhoods, especially in the face of COVID-19, through our many community-outreach initiatives. All these efforts are part of our SD 2030 Strategy, and we continue full steam ahead to realise our vision of becoming the leading sustainable development performer in our industry globally by 2030.”

    Highlights: Swire Properties’ Sustainable Development Work


    • Swire Properties is the first property developer in Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland to have its Science-based Targets approved, to drive long-term decarbonisation goals for all its portfolios around the world, that are in line with the Paris Agreement;
    • To achieve its aggressive carbon- and energy-reduction goals, Swire Properties has adopted the latest technologies and practices, including a cloud-based smart-energy management platform and artificial intelligence to monitor and optimise energy consumption.

    “Community Involvement and Development”

    • Swire Properties’ Community Ambassadors have been organising and participating in various charitable initiatives, in Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland, to support underprivileged groups affected by COVID-19;
    • The team has launched a programme, SEWomen, which aims to empower local women in Hong Kong by offering them job opportunities and showcasing their talents and expertise. The first programme “SEWomen” Reusable Mask + Holder has produced 30,000 reusable fabric masks for a charity sale and as giveaways.

    “Consumer Issues”

    • Swire Properties works closely with tenants (office, retail and F&B) to help them integrate sustainability practices into their operations. The process starts as early as the pre-lease and fit-out stages, with the Company offering detailed technical guidelines and advice on design and construction to reduce energy, water and waste, and costs.
    • Free energy audits are provided to both office and retail tenants, and up to 9 million kWh in potential annual savings have been identified since this initiative was launched in 2008.

    For more information on the Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Index, visit hsi.com.hk.


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