• Environmental Forum on Green and Healthy Buildings

    30 April 2018

    (30 April 2018, Hong Kong) Co-hosted by the Council and the Open University of Hong Kong (OUHK), the Environmental Forum debuted last year had received overwhelming support. Following its previous success, the  new edition of Environmental Forum on 26 March, free and open to the public, focused on how green building designs and information technology could enhance occupants’ health and comfort. The forum attracted a full-house of around 260 participants.

    Secretary for the Environment Mr Wong Kam-sing revealed his electricity bill to show how we can do our part to mitigate climate change.

    Mr Wong Kam-sing, Secretary for the Environment, kick-started the forum by introducing the Government’s climate action policies. He also revealed a number of simple green design at his home and his own electricity bill as examples of how individuals could take a part in mitigating climate change at home. Speakers including Prof. Edward Ng, Yao Ling Sun Professor of Architecture from The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Dr Benny Chow, Director cum Chairman of Industry Standards and Practices Committee from the HKGBC, and Mr Lewis Lam, Assistant General Manager (Property Management) from International Commerce Centre Management Services Office then shared how urban microclimate, workplace design and the application of Internet of Things could shape a green and healthy built environment for occupants. A Q&A session led by Dr Yau Yiu-hung, Associate Professor from School of Science and Technology of OUHK, saw a vibrant discussion between the speakers and the audience to conclude the forum.

    Excerpts from the forum will be aired in the “Open for Learning” programme on Sunday morning on TVB Pearl. Last year’s discussion on green building global trend and case sharing of green buildings’ operations and management were also broadcasted earlier this year. The Council considers the continuous collaboration with OUHK as a valuable opportunity to raise the awareness of professionals, students and public about the latest development on green buildings.

    The speakers interacted with the audience during the Q&A session.


    New WorldGBC Report Presents Global Evidence on Tangible Benefits of Green Buildings

    A new edition of Environmental Forum co-organised by the HKGBC and OUHK saw a full-house of participants from OUHK, the industry and general public.

    The World Green Building Council has launched a new report on 24 April titled “Doing Right by Planet and People: The Business Case for Health and Wellbeing in Green Building”. The report highlights tangible economic benefits of green building and showcases improved occupant satisfaction when companies implement new health, wellbeing and productivity features in existing green structures. The HKGBC participated in the study as an Advisory Committee member.

    Case studies of 11 green facilities around the globe have been examined in the report, while Henderson Land Development Company Limited’s mixed-use residential project “Double Cove” is the only one from Hong Kong. The report evaluates health and wellbeing features that were integrated into the facilities, such as: enhanced fresh air ventilation, acoustic privacy, increase of daylight penetration and use of biophilic design elements such as green walls and extensive indoor plants.

    The Report offers following insights and urges companies to make green improvements of their buildings:

    • The biggest economic benefit are realised when impacts to the environment and people are addressed jointly from the start of the building design and a clear direction to achieve key metrics such as improving air quality without sacrificing energy efficiency is set.
    • Achievements in energy and greenhouse gas emissions reduction coming from on-site renewable energy systems can be incorporated with no negative impact on the design for occupants.
    • Employees prefer and work best when they are in spaces with ample natural light, good air quality and access to greenery and amenities.
    • The largest improvements in employee satisfaction happen when staff are engaged in co-designing their new green and healthy workspaces.

    The report is s part of WorldGBC’s Better Places for People campaign, which support GBCs and their members to increase the demand and supply of green buildings which are supportive of the health, wellbeing and productivity of the people within them. The HKGBC has been involved in several reports by providing input and advice as well as case studies to the project.

    Henderson Land’s residential project “Double Cove” is one of the featuring cases, with a score of 97% for overall satisfaction from residents, featuring various green designs.




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