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    31 December 2019

    Permasteelisa Group is a leading global contractor in the design, engineering, project management, manufacture, installation and after-sales service of architectural envelopes and interiors. Present in four continents, with a network of around 50 companies in 30 countries and 10 production plants, the Group generates a total turnover of around 1.1 billion euro a year. The Group brings its technical knowledge and expertise to all projects, in particular when dealing with Special Features Buildings and advanced façade systems.


    Front view of Louis Vuitton Flagship Store, photo credit Louis Vuitton – Stephane Muratet

    The recently completed Louis Vuitton Maison Seoul, jointly designed by Frank Gehry and Peter Marino, is one of the latest successful examples of Permasteelisa’s ability to deliver on a project that required a high quality product and service for both iconic architects and retail brand. Located in the prominent Cheongdamdong Avenue in the Gangnam district, the flagship store draws inspiration from elements in Korean architecture and culture, such as the Hwaseong Fortress or the swooping movements and white costumes of the traditional Dongnae Hakchum crane dance.

    Front view of Louis Vuitton Flagship Store, photo credit Louis Vuitton – Stephane Muratet

    Permasteelisa began coordinating with Louis Vuitton, Gehry Partners, LLP and the Consultant Team in late 2016 through a Pre-Construction Service (PCS), and was later awarded the façade build contract. Working through the different stages of design development through to construction, Permasteelisa led the process of realizing the complex forms of the façade using computer-aided 3D design software and technology. From initial geometry rationalization and optimization to the eventual data output for fabrication and site setting-out during installation, the digital asset was instrumental in delivering the project. Software algorithms and scripts were created to make each component of the 3D model parametric in order that all data could be efficiently analyzed, modified and tracked during the entire process of the project.

    Interior view of 4th floor Exhibition, photo credit Gehry Partners, LLP

    Due to the complex geometry and engineering of the project, Permasteelisa developed an Inspection Test Plan for quality assurance and control that allowed for 3D scanning devices to be used. Point cloud data was generated from these scans that were then overlaid with the 3D model in order to identify any irregularities or tolerance non-compliance. 3D scanning checks were done both in the factory for the individual double curved unitized panels and the assembled curved Circular Hollow Steel (CHS) modules, in addition to on-site 3D scanning to check the installation setting-out and final positioning.

    6-way welded structural steel node, photo credit Permasteelisa Group

    This project embodies the Permasteelisa Group philosophy to operate as a Transnational Global Enterprise, capable of coordinating and moving resources both locally, regionally and overseas to best fit the needs of the job. Design and Engineering was executed from Hong Kong while material sourcing, procurement and manufacturing crossed three continents in six different countries – China, USA, Germany, Turkey, Spain and South Korea. The signature façade is comprised of 1200m2 of imported Turkish marble, 600 linear meters of CHS structural steel that is curved for a total weight of approximately 30 metric tons, and a total of 925m2 of signature glass from Spain. There are a total of 306 glass panels that are all uniquely shaped, 82 pieces of which are double curved heat slumped glass. The final assembly of the unitized glass panels, including the fabrication of the metal carrier frames, were all fabricated in China.

    Detail of installed 6-Axis Duplex Stainless Steel Bracket, photo credit Permasteelisa Group

    The bracket system that is designed and engineered by Permasteelisa to support the iconic glass façade are made of cast duplex stainless steel. A total of 553 sets of brackets that were parametrically located in the 3D model were crucial in allowing for a smooth and efficient installation process. The genius of the bracket is its ability to handle 6 different axis of adjustment that was quintessential in the installation of the unitized panels. The entire building comes to life with the incorporated façade lighting that was engineered by the Permasteelisa Integrated Lighting (PIL) team. The overall effect is one of weightlessness and awe.

    Aerial view of Louis Vuitton Flagship Store, photo credit Gehry Partners, LLP

    For further details, please visit permasteelisagroup.com.





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